VPSLand is a virtual private server company specializing in providing hosting solutions for business and enterprise users. Their data center is located in Atlanta, Georgia, within the
56 Marietta area, which is considered as one of the top three fiber-richest areas in the United States. All of their packages are for Linux users.

The Hosting Package

The Starter package costs $10.99 per month and covers 2000 MB of web space and 50 GB bandwidth. The Value package costs $15 per month and covers 3000 MB of web space and 100 GB of bandwidth. The Basic package costs $19.99 a month with 4000 MB web space and 150 GB monthly bandwidth. The Pro package costs $29 per month for the 6000 MB web space and 200 GB monthly bandwidth. Their Pro Plus hosting package costs $35.99 per month with 9000 MB disk space and 3000 GB monthly bandwidth. The Gold plan costs $50 per month for 12000 MB disk space and 400 GB monthly bandwidth. Lastly, their top of the line package, the Platinum plan, costs $70 per month for the 18000 MB disk space and 550 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About VPSLand?

    • Fast response time

VPSLand Host’s customer support team logs in fast response rates in both incoming calls and trouble tickets filed. This is very important if you need immediate attention to performance issues that you see popping out of your site.

    • Consistent performance across most types of users

One of the nicest things about VPSLand is that their network speed and reliability remains consistent all through the years. This is a simple and yet difficult to maintain reputation since in the world of hosting, most providers are prone to downtimes.

    • Focuses on providing enterprise hardware for the bigger players

The main focus of VPSLand is the bigger players in the web developing world. This means that if you are an enterprise user, most of their features and services cater to that type of user. There is no room for tips for start up web developers here and you really get hard core, knowledgeable support about scalability and stability.

    • Customizable hosting package

The freedom to choose what you need for your service and take out the other items that you really do not need to prioritize is quite liberating for some. This setup is ideal for those companies that find it difficult to get a package that suits them just right. For some cases, this also comes out cheaper since you can take out what you do not need from the package and in turn, from the cost.

What’s Disappointing About VPSLand?

&#10006 Expensive!

There’s no need to beat around the bush – VPSLand is expensive! This is not the company for the start up player at all! And even if you are n the experienced side, you will probably look for other cheaper alternatives because their rates do not even come close to their nearest competitors.

&#10006 No money back guarantee scheme

The absence of this money back guarantee plus their expensive rates is really a difficult thing to get over with, if you are on the hunt for a service provider.

The Bottom Line

Unless you really want to trust them based on reviews and their track record, you might be better of looking for a service provider that will bring you more value for your money.