VPS Outlet offers a good variety of shared, managed and reseller hosting packages for those who are looking for a place for their web applications – be it for personal or business use.

The Hosting Package

The Mini shared hosting package starts at $15 a year for the 1 GB disk space and 30 GB bandwidth. This includes hosting for 3 sites, 25 email and FTP accounts plus an anytime money back guarantee (good for all packages). The Standard shared hosting package starts at $24 per year for the 5 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, hosting for an unlimited number of websites plus unlimited email and FTP accounts. The Pro shared hosting package starts at $36 per year for the 15 GB storage space, 250 GB bandwidth, hosting for an unlimited number of sites along with unlimited email and FTP accounts. The Unlimited hosting package starts at $48 a year for the unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email and FTP accounts plus hosted web sites.

What’s Great About VPS Outlet?

    • 1-click installation software

VPS Outlet also makes use of the 1-click installation scripts that are available in majority of the bigger hosting providers. This makes installation as easy as 1, 2, 3 without needing to cry a river for the scripts that you need to manually write.

    • Nearly 100% uptime record

An effect of their stable servers is the nearly 100% uptime record that VPS Outlet consistently keeps. For developers that need this type of rock solid connection, this is the most sought-after quality in web hosting solutions providers.

    • Web templates for first time users

VPS Outlet offers some basic assistance in web site design. From best practice tips to templates and other e-commerce tips, you can count on some basic web design information that can help your service get off the ground. For those who are not experts in web design and are more into the web developing aspect, this is a huge helping hand so that you do not need to hire a separate web designer for your project.

    • Affordable rates

Their rates are very easy on the pocket and encourages first time web developers to just lay out their web sites and partner up with VPS outlet. Even if there is no 30-day money back guarantee for the customers, you are minimizing your financial risk by just committing a small amount to VPS Outlet.

What’s Disappointing About VPS Outlet?

&#10006 Difficult refund transactions

It is very difficult to cancel or refund a transaction, no matter how many times you explain your reason. This is most probably true for most companies so that you will be discouraged from cancelling. But it is the only nuisance, so far, with the overall positive experience with VPS Outlet.

&#10006 VCustomer service quality can use some help

They do not have the most courteous and most helpful people in the industry. It would be really great to see a more trained staff handle the day-to-day transactions instead of getting irritated and frustrated with their current staff.

The Bottom Line

If you just need to get your service out there and you do not have a lot of requirements for your service, VPS Outlet should be good enough for you. Their packages are all right and there’s not much negative talk about them, either. Although there are more reputable companies out there if you are in this for the long haul.