UnmeteredServers is a dedicated web hosting solutions provider that offers high end hosting packages for business and enterprise users. They are a subsidiary of Reliable Servers LLC and gives you unmanaged servers straight up.

The Hosting Package

UnmeteredServers have dedicated server packages designed to support services with intensive bandwidth capacities. Their packages start at $149.99 per month for the Intel Sual ZXeon 3.0 Ghz with 2 GB RAM, 2x Single Core with HT and a dedicated bandwidth. Their most expensive package is the Dual Hex Core for $679.99 per month with the Inel Xeon Dual Hex Core machine with 12 cores 2.66 GHz 12 MB with HT plus 1x 500 GB SATA2 32MB 7.2K. All of their plans come with a free second month coupon, which encourages you to stay with them to really try out their service.

They also have a Single Quad Core package for $169.99 per month for the Single Quad Core Xeon with X3220 X3430 X3470 with 4 GB ECC RAM and 2x 500 GB SATA2 32 MB 7.2k

What’s Great About UnmeteredServers?

    • 1-click installation software

UnmeteredServers also makes use of the 1-click installation scripts that are available in majority of the bigger hosting providers. This makes installation as easy as 1, 2, 3 without needing to cry a river for the scripts that you need to manually write.

    • Premium Packages

UnmeteredServers are one of the few dedicated hosting packages that cater to those who have high bandwidth needs. Their packages are not for the start up companies and are really hardcore to begin with.

    • Price-matching

UnmeteredServers offer a price-matching scheme for all identical packages that you see in their lineup. If ever you see a competitor company offering exactly the same type of package and services for a lower price, all you need to do is to contact UnmeteredServers, reference the competitor package and if valid, they will match that price.

    • Fast performance

By virtue of being a dedicated server provider, UnmeteredServers not only allow you to have unlimited access to your account but also unmetered services. This means there are no service caps and you can choose to use your dedicated servers how ever you want to use them.

What’s Disappointing About UnmeteredServers?

&#10006 Inconsistent technical support service

Most of UnmeteredServers’ users are happy with the technical support attention that they get although there are sporadic accounts of unsatisfactory responses. If UnmeteredServers can work on ensuring a consistent technical support experience for all customers, then there is nearly nothing more you can ask for.

&#10006 The package price

The price of UnmeteredServers’ services is on the expensive side, with no introductory prices for those who want to try out their service. This would be a nice thing to have especially if you are still canvasing for a web hosting partner.

The Bottom Line

There are no horror stories about UnmeteredServers and if you really need the type of packages that they offer, without batting an eyelash on the price tags attached to it, then go ahead and partner up with them for your webhosting needs.