ThinkHost web hosting is provided by a group of activists who play a part when it comes to the earth, community, and human rights.

It seems this web hosting provider who supposedly does everything they can to help preserve “Mother Earth.”

ThinkHost purchases renewable energy credits to offset the carbon emissions that are caused in their data center as well as offices. This shows they care about the planet.

ThinkHost can be looked at as a powerful and extremely responsible web hosting provider on a great mission, but numerous negative reviews from customers around the web say otherwise.

When it comes to ThinkHost, it doesn’t stop at just purchasing renewable energy credits. They also vow to help out organizations that have the similar train of thought as them.

They do this by providing free web hosting for environmental groups which are a part of their community.

On top of offering free web hosting for environmental groups, they also provide discounts to non-profit organizations and progressive companies who meet their requirement.

What really makes ThinkHost a unique web hosting provider is that they vow to plant a tree for each new customer that signs up.

Now that we have covered what makes ThinkHost the company they are, let’s take a look at what they offer as far as web hosting.

ThinkHost offers a nice selection of web hosting features as well as a nice allocation of resources to help assure that you have a web hosting plan you can grow on.

The pricing for ThinkHost is pretty affordable, that is if you make a commitment to stay with them for a particular amount of time.

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Do you get what you pay for when you choose ThinkHost?

The last time that we checked on this, you had to commit to stay with ThinkHost for two years in order to receive the affordable price of $7.95 per month.

This is an affordable web hosting solution for one that wants to go with a progressive company like ThinkHost.

How reliable is ThinkHost?

ThinkHost is located in a modern data center that has various precautions set into place in order to assure reliability.

In order to assure that reliability is always taken care of, they employ the services of third parties in an effort to constantly monitor the ThinkHost network.

In order to backup all of the reliability, they put their money where their mouth is with a 100% uptime guarantee, BUT we aren’t sure if they honor that guarantee for real.

What control panel does ThinkHost offer?

ThinkHost is yet another web hosting provider that has taken on the task of providing their very own control panel.

It’s not too hard to learn, but it’s not nearly as powerful as cPanel.

What kind of support does ThinkHost provide?

ThinkHost uses a support ticket system to provide support to their web hosting clients. Phone support would be better.

They also have a fairly large knowledgebase that you can look through in order to find an answer to your questions.