ThePlanet, now named Soft Layer, offers a bulk of other hosting services that complements web hosting and maintenance. ThePlanet targets advanced web hosting customers that expect heavy traffic on their websites. If you want reliable service with minimal outages, ThePlanet is the web hosting solutions provider for you. Just be prepared to shell out a bit more than the usual to compensate for the excellent track record.

The Hosting Package

ThePlanet provides a number of packages depending on your needs. Their best sellers are the CloudLayer Storage (dynamic storage solution starting at $10.00 a month with a 25 cent per GB upgrade option), Dedicated Servers (starting at $139.00 per month with an option to have 1x, 2x and 4x processors) and the CloudLayer, a Content Delivery Network ($45.00 per month with an optional upgrade of 20 cents per GB).

What’s Great About ThePlanet?

ThePlanet prides itself with their reputable track record. Here are the top reasons why web service providers prefer working with ThePlanet:

    • Reliable servers

The number one reason why most developers prefer to work with ThePlanet is because of the stability of their service. Even if you have a high traffic web site, they deliver what they promise in their specifications. Unlike so many other web hosting solutions that promise unlimited storage with unlimited domains, performance is not an issue with ThePlanet.

    • Good technical support team

A mark of a company that values its customers is if they have a good technical support team. After-sales relationship are well maintained through the trained support staff that are quite knowledgeable in what they are doing. It is every easy to consult with them if there are issues regarding setup and installation.

    • Nearly 100% uptime record

An effect of their stable servers is the nearly 100% uptime record that ThePlanet consistently keeps. For developers that need this type of rock solid connection, this is the most sought-after quality in web hosting solutions providers.

    • Variety of packages

One of the nicest things about ThePlanet since its transformation toSoftLayer is that the customer has access to other services such as Cloud Computing. Since there is already trust in the ThePlanet brand, it makes selection of complementing services a lot easier for the customer.

What’s Disappointing About ThePlanet?

No service is picture perfect. Although ThePlanet maintains a generally happy customer base, there are a few things that they can work on, such as:

&#10006 The package price

The price of ThePlanet’s services is on the expensive side, with no introductory prices for those who want to try out their service. This would be a nice thing to have especially if you are still canvasing for a web hosting partner.

&#10006 Inconsistent technical support service

Most of ThePlanet’s users are happy with the technical support attention that they get although there are sporadic accounts of unsatisfactory responses. If ThePlanet can work on ensuring a consistent technical support experience for all customers, then there is nearly nothing more you can ask for.

The Bottomline

If price is not an issue for you and if you value steady performance with nearly 100% uptime, then going with ThePlanet is a good choice for you.