Telavir Web Hosting used to offer completely free web hosting packages for entry-level web sites. This is now discontinued but they still have a shared web hosting for $10.00 a month.

The Hosting Package

The Telavir Web Hosting package includes 500 MB of web space plus 8 GB of monthly transfer allowance. This package is available to Linux users only and includes free setup and configuration.

What’s Great About Telavir Web Hosting?

    • Domain registration through Telavir

If you want additional domais for registration or if you simply want to source all of your needs through a single supplier, then you will be happy to know that Telavir also does domain registration. There will be no need to look for another domain registration service should your project demand more domains.

    • Offers assistance in web site design

Telavir offers some basic assistance in web site design. From best practice tips to templates and other e-commerce tips, you can count on some basic web design information that can help your service get off the ground. For those who are not experts in web design and are more into the web developing aspect, this is a huge helping hand so that you do not need to hire a separate web designer for your project.

    • Good customer service experience

Telavir prides and arms itself with a good customer service team that aims to make every email or call a pleasant experience. This is a not too common trait in web hosting providers nowadays.

    • Consistent network speed even during their free trial days

When Telavir still offered free trial of their services, their network speed was already commendable. They are able to maintain this up until now, even if they do not have the free trial service anymore.

What’s Disappointing About Telavir Web Hosting?

&#10006 No support for Windows OS

Telavir is an all-Linux hosting solution and takes out all other potential customers using Windows. This is a big drawback especially for those who want to have platform consistency in their developing environment.

&#10006 Single plan available is too limiting

The single package available from Telavir, plus the removal of their free trial package, is a bit too limiting for prospective customers. There are no options for upgrades or enhancements as top ups to the existing service.

The Bottom line

If you do not mind working on Linux alone and really prefer a high speed network that is quite dependable, then Telavir Hosting is very much recommended for you and your web project.