SvgWebHost or now renamed to Squidix, is a shared hosting provider that also goes into reselling. Their packages offer a great amount of storage with unlimited capacity options.

The Hosting Package

SvgWebHost has several reseller and shared hosting packages. For their shared hosting packages, the cheapest is the Sampler Squid pack, which costs $2.49 per month for a year, inclusive of 1 domain and 100 MB storage with 1 GB bandwidth. Starter Squid package is at $4.99 a month with unlimited storage and bandwidth with a single domain supported. Super Squid offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain support for $7.49 a month.

What’s Great About SvgWebHost?

There are a number of plus points with SvgWebHost, ranging from money back guarantees to several web developing tools available for their subscribers. These plus points are listed below:

    • 30-day money back guarantee

The 30-day money back guarantee assures you that no matter what, you can always ask for a refund if you do not like their service during the first 30 days. This eliminates the risk of investing too much money on a service that you will later on find unsatisfactory.

    • Instant activation

You need not wait several hours for your account to be activated. Once you are done with the sign up process, you can immediately access your account and do the necessary configurations to launch your service as soon as possible.

    • Free e-commerce tools

There are a lot of e-commerce tools available in their site for SvgWebHost’s subscribers. This is a huge help especially for newcomers since you need not research in other sites how to start your own web service. Tips such as where to place ads, how to do SEO copywriting and the like are available from SvgWebHost’s page.

    • Shared and reseller packages

You have the option to use their shared hosting packages or even resell their own packages. Since their available packages are reasonably priced, you can do hosting reselling as part of your web business plan.

    • Perfect for budget users

The affordable rates of SvgWebHost make it a good candidate for budget users who are very wary of investing too much into their hosting partner. Since you have the money back guarantee plus relatively lower start up costs, you are left with nearly no excuse to not try out their service.

What’s Disappointing About SvgWebHost?

&#10006 Performance is not up to par with competitors

One of the drawbacks with going with SvgWebHost is that their network performance is not at par against their competitors. Having a low-priced solution does not mean that you are not granted decent network speed.

&#10006 Faster response time in trouble tickets

Another point of improvement for SvgWebHost is that they should work on making the turnaround time for trouble tickets. Most issues should be at least acknowledged within a few minutes and someone should be assisting the client within an hour, especially if the reported issue is something as major as an inaccessible page.

The Bottom line

SvgWebHost assists you in building your own start up web site with the army of tools and tips they have for the newcomers but once you get your service up and running, it is advisable that you move on to a different provider that can give you a much better customer support experience, along with a more stable performance.