Super Green provides a wide range of hosting packages, both for personal and enterprise users. The setup is easy and the user interface for website building is an excellent tool for newbie users. A big bonus is the fact that Super Green operates on environment-friendly standards.

The Hosting Package

Super Green simplifies their services by offering a single type of hosting package, which is includes a large number of features such as unlimited storage space, free domain name, unlimited IMAP and POP3 accounts, FTP access, web file manager, spam assassin protection to 24/7 monitoring. All of these features (and several more) are available for just $6.95 per month. They have occasional promotions that bring down the hosting fee to just $3.95 per month.

What’s Great About Super Green?

Aside from the company being green, there are a couple of things that makes Super Green the preferred hosting solutions provider. These are:

    • Excellent after sales service

While there are some web hosting solutions that offer roughly the same list of features, what differentiates Super Green from the most is theiralways-available support team. It is quite easy to get in touch with their customer service representatives and offer quite useful and knowledgeable troubleshooting tips.

    • Excellent Uptime

Uptime Data: 99.74% Uptime Based on 96,685 checks since Sunday, May 15th, 2011

    • Money-back guarantee

Super Green offers a money-back guarantee at any time during the service. This is a permanent fixture in their services and is an excellent way to encourage users to try their web hosting package.

    • Super Green is really green

Most web hosting solutions operate on multiple servers that emit a lot of carbon monoxide into the air, aside from the fact that the machines consume a lot of electricity. Super Green does not just minimize their usage of electricity but finds ways to lessen the carbon monoxide emission from their machines. Another fantastic bonus is the fact that the company plants a tree for every 100 customers that they acquire. So this means you are not just getting a web hosting package, you are also actively helping the earth.

    • Easy to use web user interface

Super Green prides itself with their simple and easy to use web site installation tool, as well as their site builder tool. Their home page is also nicely structured, making items easier to spot for the prospective customer. Their web pages are built with the customer in mind.

What’s Disappointing About Super Green?

While majority of the Super Green users are very happy with their hosting performance and package inclusions, there are a few things that they can still improve on. The improvements points beloware just rare disappointments in their line up, though. As proof, try looking for negative reviews on the Internet and it will be really difficult to see the name Super Green attached to negative reviews.

&#10006 Customer emails not being answered on time.
Although Super Green prides itself for answering emails within 30 minutes, there are occasions where the replies tend to be a bit slow. This may be caused by the fact that Super Green has a huge customer base but it would be nice if all emails are answered on time.

&#10006 No phone cancellations accepted.
This is not really specific to Super Green since this is commonly done on most web hosting services out there, but it would be good if you can do cancellations over the phone, especially for those busy individuals who just want their issue attended to.

The Bottomline

Overall, Super Green is usually the choice for those looking for wholistic web hosting solutions. The inclusions in their package is really all that you can ask for, with a big bonus that you are helping the earth along the way.