Steadfast Networks, as their name aptly implies, is an established hosting provider that offers multiple packages for both dedicated and virtual hosting solutions. Their primary target customers are those looking for mostly managed hosting solutions with a preference for virtual or dedicated servers. This company is not for the start up web developer that is budget-conscious.

The Hosting Package

Steadfast Networks provide several packages for virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting. Their VPS hosting package starts at $14.95 per month with 5 GB of disk space, 128 guaranteed RAM but without the control panels. Their most expensive VPS package is at $169.95 per month, which includes 240 GB disk space, dual dedicated cores, 2 GB of guaranteed RAM and is fully managed.

For their dedicated servers, Steadfast Network’s packages start at $109.95 per month up to $189.95 per month for the fully managed servers.

What’s Great About Steadfast Networks?

  • Wide variety of packages to choose from

Steadfast Networks provide several packages to choose from, whether it is for a virtual private server or managed dedicated servers. This means that you will most probably find what is the best fit for your needs with Steadfast Networks. There is a lot of room for upgrade in case your service demands more resources from the hosting provider.

  • Good network performance

Living up to its name, Steadfast Networks provide a consistent speed to their networks with a good uptime ratio record. Given the high bandwidth that they give to their customers, they are able to maintain even performance from their network.

  • Pricing available even for small, start up web sites

Although Steadfast Networks is geared to the less budget conscious web developers, their start up rates are actually affordable compared to their competitors. This makes it easy for you to try out their service if you are really eyeing a VPS type of service.

  • Consistent performance across most types of users

One of the nicest things about Steadfast Networks is that their network speed and reliability remains consistent all through the years. This is a simple and yet difficult to maintain reputation since in the world of hosting, most providers are prone to downtimes.

What’s Disappointing About Steadfast Networks?

There’s not much negative stuff to be said about Steadfast Networks but every company has some weak points and areas of improvement. For Steadfast Networks, they are listed below:

&#10006 Difficult refund transactions

It is very difficult to cancel or refund a transaction, no matter how many times you explain your reason. This is most probably true for most companies so that you will be discouraged from cancelling. But it is the only nuisance, so far, with the overall positive experience with Steadfast Networks.

The Bottom line

Steadfast Networks is highly recommended with its good product line up that lives up to its expectations.