Sprocket Networks have been around since 2001, targeting small to medium sized companies. They are considered as one of the older players in the web hosting industry and has a lot of different web hosting packages for various types of web hosting needs.

The Hosting Package

Sprocket Networks has more than a dozen different types of web hosting packages, depending on your hosting needs. Their most popular packages are their shared hosting packages, which starts at $12 a month, including 500 MB of disk space, 25 email accounts with 5 GB network transfer limit. There are different packages for both Linux and Windows. Unlimited packages start at $35 per month for a year.

What’s Great About Sprocket Networks

    • 1. Consistent uptime record

Sprocket Networks has a good track record in terms of their uptime. Service is stable and consistent, though not the fastest network out there. There are rarely any unscheduled downtimes reported with Sprocket Networks.

    • 2. Different packages for different hosting types

With over a dozen packages available, chances are, you will find something that suits your projects needs the most. The packages available are classified per type of demand needed by the customer in terms of memory allocation and hosting type.

    • 3. Knowledgeable customer support staff

Their customer support staff is trained to handle basic and advanced troubleshooting issues, whether this is done via phone or trouble tickets. Turnaround time is quite fast, with most responses done within the first 24 hours after reporting of an issue.

    • 4. Option for international based hosting

You have an option to host your service internationally since Sprocket Networks have several international partners. So if you want to have a backup service running on a different location, you have that option with Sprocket Networks.

What’s Disappointing About Sprocket Networks

&#10006 1. Not fit for high traffic sites
Even if Sprocket Networks have a lot of packages that the customers can choose from, their packages are not built for sites that anticipate a lot of traffic. They are mostly geared towards the personal and small businesses type of web services instead of the enterprise users.

&#10006 2. Not all packages are available to both Windows and Linux users
Sprocket Networks supports both Windows and Linux but their packages are not the same between the two operating systems. There are packages with more memory allocation for Linux users, as an example.

Overall, there is nothing exceptional or extraordinary with Sprocket Networks. Feel free to try them out since they do not have catastrophic reviews, so far, but do not expect a really good performance, either.