Sozo Hosting is a hosting solutions provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus on providing VPS and Dedicated Server hosting for business and enterprise users. Their main goal is to provide a rock solid, worry free hosting experience for their customers. They’ve been around since 2001.

The Hosting Package

Their hosting packages are not for the start up web developers. Packages begin at $150 per month for a year for the Windows Dedicated Servers. Linux Dedicated Servers are priced also at $150 a month for a year, minus the 30 day money back guarantee in the Windows deployments. Coldfusion Dedicated servers, on the other hand, will cost you $229 a month for a year.

What’s Great About Sozo Hosting?

    • Good support team

Sozo’s support team, both their customer service and technical support, are knowledgeable and polite. There have been no accounts of irate customer service agents from their end and they seem to manage the volume of calls and trouble tickets well.

    • Pricing is quite affordable

Their prices may appear expensive but that is because they are packaging it on a yearly basis. But if you compute it on a monthly basis, then they are just up to par with the cheaper packages out there.

    • Good, stable performance within the US

If your service is within the United States then you can be assured that they have a good track record in terms of stability and overall network speed. They can be a good choice when it comes to upgrading growing web sites and services.

    • A lot of actual user feedback online

There are a lot of actual user feedbacks from forums and chatrooms about Sozo’s performance. This is a good indication that they have quite a number of real customers out there trying out their service.

What’s Disappointing About Sozo Hosting?

&#10006 Occasional migration issues

There have been instances of nightmare-ish migration issues especially if you are doing database migration outside the United States.

&#10006 Access from non-US countries very erratic

There are a lot of reports that hosted sites outside the United States cannot access their websites at all. Sadly, this is a common complaint from non-US users of Sozo.

&#10006 MySQL databases tend to be very slow

Along with the migration issues are overall performance issues when it comes to their MySQL databases support. These databases are the core of most web sites now and there shouldn’t be any hitches in running them, especially if you are targeting business and enterprise users.

The Bottom line

You will most probably not risk the migration issues for your website but if you are running from within the United States only, then you are pretty much safe from the other pitfall of Sozo Hosting.