SnapBlox is a hosting company specializing in shared hosting solutions. They have a 45-day money back guarantee.

The Hosting Package

The Host Economy package costs $7.00 a month for the 5 GB of disk space, 10 email accounts and unlimited monthly bandwidth. The Host Deluxe package costs $11.00 a month for the 150 GB of disk space, 2,500 email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. Their Host Unlimited package costs $20.00 a month for the unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.

What’s Great About SnapBlox?

    • Unlimited packages available

The unlimited packages remove the burden of having to monitor your own data consumption. It is the next most commonly asked question by web developers, after knowing the price of the package. Unlimited packages are still very much wanted even if sometimes these packages are blamed for the sluggish movement in the network. With these kinds of packages, you need not worry about how much you are consuming every month and you can forget about the monthly cut off for your bill.

    • SSL Certificates available

SSL certificates are available if you want to host an ecommerce site or any site that requires this secure certificates. This means less time for you on searching for an SSL certificate provider and more time concentrating on your web development work.

    • Hosted Exchange

For those looking for MS Exchange hosting, you will be happy to know that they have this kind of hosting for you. No need to look for a separate provider to hook up to so this means corporate emails are welcome, with or without the need for a web mail client.

    • Online Backup

An online backup system can give you a lot of peace of mind especially if is being done automatically, like how they do it. This gives you fewer worries whenever you do upgrades or maintenance changes since your selected information is stored somewhere. If something happens, at least you know you have a backup.

What’s Disappointing About SnapBlox?

&#10006 A bit pricey

They are not the cheapest out there and there is no particular thing that makes them stand out to justify the price. It would be great if they have an army of features that would make it ok for the price increase but sadly, they just choose the wrong figures and are not at par with everyone else out there.

&#10006 Relative newcomer

Aside from the hefty price tag, they are a newbie in the industry. No famous and longstanding name in the world of web hosting to serve as a guarantee of their excellent performance and service.

The Bottom Line

If I were you, I’d look for something else that better matches your requirements. There are a lot of other companies out there that can give you what you need for the price that you want. Plus, there may be bonuses in store for you such as extra features, discounted rates or even additional hardware support. Except for the extra 15 days in the typical 30 day money back guarantee, there is nothing extra special with them and you can do better by looking for another option.