Small Space hosting is an Australian-based hosting company with data centers both in the US and in Australia. They specialize in providing simple and yet effective hosting solutions for personal and business use.

The Hosting Package

Small Space Hosting has three hosting packages where you have the option to host it in the US or Australia data center. The Small package costs $4.95 per month with 5 GB storage space and 25 GB bandwidth. The Medium package costs $8.95 per month for the 10 GB storage space and 50 GB bandwidth. The Large package costs $14.95 per month for the 20 GB storage space and 100 GB bandwidth. All of these hosting packages have the cPanel Control Panel included, as well as MySQL databases and email addresses (5, 10, 10 for the small, medium and large).

What’s Great About Small Space Hosting?

    • Friendly Customer Support Team

Being an Australian-based company, it is natural that they have a very friendly customer support staff. Getting in touch with a friendly team eases the panic and tension when you are encountering technical support issues. Aside from their team being easy to reach and always available, a friendly voice at the other end makes a lot of difference.

    • Free Third Month

They have some promotions to make their packages even more affordable. Currently, you can get your third month for free if you book them for three months and the cycle continues for every three months. This way, not only do you get reasonable monthly rates, you are encouraged to stay with them for a bit longer.

    • Reasonable Rates

Their rates are quite reasonable and competitive, given the inclusions in their packages. Their packages are geared towards the more startup groups who want a cheap and yet stable enough service to get their web project up and running.

    • Uses cPanel

cPanel makes admin work so much easier. It is a good thing that Small Space Hosting uses cPanel as their control panel interface. For those who already know how to use cPanel, this means no more learning curve when you move on to Small Space Hosting.

What’s Disappointing About Small Space Hosting?

&#10006 Young Team

They’ve been around for only three years, having been founded last 2008. For others, this may be a big warning since it is a fairly young team that may not be as experienced or does not have a very good reputation to protect.

&#10006 Not Much Actual User Reviews

They haven’t won a lot of users, though, since there is a lack of web user reviews. It is either they got all of the quiet customers or no one has really tried them and their services.

The Bottom Line

If you do not mind being a guinea pig, you can give Small Space Hosting a try. Their rates are reasonable plus there are no horrific stories, yet, about their service and performance. If you project is not really a high priority one and does not demand a 100% stable network then you can give Small Space hosting a try.