SinoHosting is a hosting solutions provider based in Shanghai, China. They offer a wide range of web services including web design, email hosting, domain registration, web hosting and dedicated servers. They extend their reach to Hong Kong, Singapore and the US.

The Hosting Package

Their Basic package starts at $76 per year for the 40 MB disk space, 4,000 MB bandwidth, 5 email accounts and a free domain. The Business package starts at $152 per year for the 2000 MB disk space and 20,000 MB bandwidth per month. The Corporate package starts at $303 per year for the 10,000 MB disk space and 50,000 MB bandwidth per month. All of their packages have the 15 day money back guarantee and covers a free domain per account.

What’s Great About SinoHosting?

    • 15 day money back guarantee

The 15 day money back guarantee greatly encourages first time users to try at least their Basic package. The 15 days will give you some time to test their network if this is something that you can live with or if you prefer to go with someone else.

    • Automatic back ups

Automatic backup is always nice to have since it will definitely give you peace of mind whenever you do data transfers or suddenly experience service interruption. At least you will not panic that all of your precious data will be instantly lost.

    • Includes cPanel

cPanel is the much sought-after control panel tool for most hosting administrators. It is great to know that cPanel is already included on all of their packages by default. This lessens the headache of familiarizing yourself to another user interface if in case you are coming from another hosting provider.

    • Fantastico script included

The simple single-click installation and setup tool by the name of Fantastico is just as sought-after as cPanel. SinoHosting provides these two tools to arm you with a lot of help in setting up your web site with them.

What’s Disappointing About SinoHosting?

&#10006 Expensive

There is no denying that SinoHosting is not the cheapest solution for you out there. For the limited space that they are giving each customer, they are a bit too expensive especially for those who are just starting out. Even if you have the 15 day money back guarantee, their prices make you feel that you cannot sustain several years with them.

&#10006 Customer support needs more work

There is a lot of work to be done with their customer support team. If they are targeting to expand their services to several parts of the world, the team needs to be more accommodating, patient and helpful to all of their customers or even to those who are just inquiring about their services.

The Bottom line

Go to other hosting partners first unless you are intent on hooking up with an Asian hosting solutions provider. There are many others that can provide you the same specifications at a lower price with almost the same, if not better, performance. Refunds can be bothersome so it might be best to scout for other choices.