SingleHop resells and provides dedicated servers for your hosting needs. They target the enterprise market and not the budget-conscious crowd. SingleHop allows you to customize their packages and often prefers giving out quotations than the regular packaged deals.

The Hosting Package

SingleHop has several classic servers for sale for your dedicated server hosting needs. Their most affordable package is their Core2Duo E7400 2.80 GHz 3 MB I2 Cache with 500 GB storage space and 10 TB bandwith for $139. Their most expensive package is the Single Xeon E5620 Processor with 2.5 GHz 12 MB Cache that comes with a 1 TB storage and 10 TB bandwidth for $329.

What’s Great About SingleHop?

    • Reseller options

Resellers will be happy to know that SingleHop thrives on reselling their packages. Special rates are given to authorized resellers and are more than welcome to avail of the discounts. This is excellent for those who want to venture into hosting reselling aside from the main business goals of their website.

    • Live chat available in web site

Live chat is very useful to have in a web site so that potential customers can get instant feedback regarding their hosting inquiries. From pre-sales questions to after-sales issues, having a live chat interface makes the service so much more reachable.

    • Friendly customer support team

The friendly customer support team of SingleHop makes it easy for the customers to seek advice in terms of installation and set up issues. SingleHop tries to differentiate themselves from other hosting solutions provider by adding that human touch into their list of services. Their customer support team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry and there are rarely any unhappy reports about their performance.

    • Stable performance

By virtue of being a dedicated server hosting company, these types of hosting services are stable by default. But apart from that, SingleHop’s track record is quite impressive and so far, there have been no accounts of catastrophic errors and disruptions from their end. This is a good thing to have especially for fast growing companies that need hosting partners that are as steady as a boulder.

What’s Disappointing About SingleHop?

&#10006 Very expensive

The rates of SingleHop are not for the small player. Dedicated servers are naturally expensive but with SingleHop, they are even more expensive than industry standards. If you are willing to shell out this much money, then this should be fine. But for those with budget restrictions, this may be the part where you look for another hosting provider.

&#10006 No shared hosting or VPS packages

SingleHop really has a single hop – they only provide dedicated hosting solutions and nothing more. This makes them focus on what they do best but sometimes customers are yearning for other alternatives, too.

The Bottom Line

Go with SingleHop if you can afford it. If not, there are probably other dedicated hosting services out there that are more into your budget. The only big thing in favor of SingleHop is that they are a pretty consistent player – all throughout the years of their operation.