Sh3lls hosting provides uncensored content hosting for both personal and small business establishments. They boast of unmetered bandwidth and unlimited hosting space with free setup, included. They also have occasional discount coupons.

The Hosting Package

All of Sh3lls’ hosting packages include unmetered bandwidth and unlimited web disk space. Their Personal package starts at $5 per month for a year with 1 hosted domain and a dedicated IP. The Business package starts at $7 per month for a year with 10 hosted domains and 10 parked domains. The Enterprise package starts at $9 per month per year with unlimited domains and unlimited data bases.

What’s Great About Sh3lls?

    • 7 day money back guarantee

The 7 day money back guarantee may be a tad too short of a guarantee but is definitely better than nothing. Having this kind of offer really encourages users to at least try out their service since there is minimal risk in your finances. All you need to give is some effort in testing and processing the refunds, should you be unhappy with their service.

    • Very affordable price

Sh3lls is one of the cheapest, unlimited hosting providers out there. Coupled with uncensored content and you have a very attractive hosting package for small businesses.

    • Unlimited plans

Unlimited plans are the joy of most web developers. Sh3lls stands out by having all of their plans in unlimited mode, which makes it a lot simpler for others to understand. No more monitoring and accounting of data storage and no more worrying about exceeding your monthly data bandwidth allowance.

    • Uncensored content

Sh3lls does not inspect or limit the type of content that it hosts. In some cases, hosting companies want to regulate the type of content that goes through them but with Sh3lls, this is not the case. This most often means that adult content providers are very much attracted to clauses like this.

What’s Disappointing About Sh3lls?

&#10006 Sluggish performance

With the very cheap price and relatively short money back guarantee, you are most likely to experience sluggish performance. What is dangerous with the 7 day money back guarantee is that a week of testing is simply not enough to check if their network is stable or not.

&#10006 Difficult refund transactions

It is very difficult to do refund transactions and customer service representatives will try very hard to upsell any other packages that they have in order to hang on to their money. While this may be expected, they should still honor their own package of allowing refunds. In essence they do not really have to offer the 7 day money back guarantee if they have no intention of giving back the full amount in the first place.

The Bottom line

Do your team a favor and stay away from Sh3lls hosting, if you can. You might be in it for the headaches and frustrations, instead of having a good service provider assisting your budding service. Sh3lls may be attractive for those trafficking adult content but for any other business type, this is not the best option for you at all.