ServerPronto has been around offering dedicated server hosting solutions since 1999. They are one of the veterans in the dedicated hosting server area.

The Hosting Package

The Starter package costs $37.95 per month for a year and gives you an AMD 2000+ machine with 80 GB storage and 5 TB bandwidth. The Basic package costs $48.95 per month for the AMD 2000+ machine with 160 GB storage and 7 TB bandwidth. The Power package costs $77.95 for the Athlon 64 X2 4200 with 500 GB storage and 10 TB bandwidth. The Power + package costs $110 a month for the Athlon 64 X2 4200 with 1 Tb storage and 15 TB bandwidth.

They also have an introductory server package for $4.95 per month, which gives you an AMD 1800+ machine with 40 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About ServerPronto?

    • Green hosting

One big plus point in favor of ServerPronto is that they are a green hosting company. Not only do they reduce the emission of carbon monoxide into the air but they try to use reusable energy (such as wind energy) to power their machines. Hosting providers are collectively responsible for around a quarter of the carbon monoxide emitted from IT operations so this is a huge number that must be controlled at some point.

    • Starter package available

ServerPronto has packages available for those who are just starting out. Not everyone in the web business is backed by some rich venture capital investor so cheap alternatives are always welcomed to help the little players grow big.

    • Good value for the money

Their packages are actually good value for the money that you are shelling out. Dedicated servers are naturally more expensive that shared hosting solutions but if you compare their prices to their nearest competitors, you get so much more for the same price.

    • Helpful customer support staff

The friendly customer support team of ServerPronto makes it easy for the customers to seek advice in terms of installation and set up issues. ServerPronto tries to differentiate themselves from other hosting solutions provider by adding that human touch into their list of services. Their customer support team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry and there are rarely any unhappy reports about their performance.

What’s Disappointing About ServerPronto?

&#10006 Difficult to do cancellation transactions

It is very difficult to cancel or refund a transaction, no matter how many times you explain your reason. This is most probably true for most companies so that you will be discouraged from cancelling. But it is the only nuisance, so far, with the overall positive experience with ServerPronto.

&#10006 Reports of multiple credit card charges

One big minus point to ServerPronto is that there have been more than one incident of duplicate credit card charges that are very hard to dispute and have cancelled.

The Bottom Line

The credit card fiasco is one rather big stain on an otherwise pristine offering. Think about the risks and if you seem to be positive about it, then go ahead and sign up with ServerPronto.