ScalaHosting is a budget reseller of hosting packages based in Houston, Texas. They have several shared hosting packages and a VPS package. They’ve been in the business since August 2005.

The Hosting Package

Scala1 reseller plan costs $6.95 per month for the 500 MB web space and a 75 GB bandwidth. The Scala2 plan costs $13.95 for 10000 MB web space and a 150 GB bandwidth. Scala3 reseller plan costs $20.95 per month for 15000 MB web space and a 225 GB bandwidth. And lastly, the Scala4 reseller plan costs $26.95 for the 20000 MB disk space and a 300 GB bandwidth.

Their only VPS hosting package costs $70 a month for the 25000 MB web space with a 300 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About ScalaHosting?

    • Wide Variety of Packages

They have a good variety of packages, which gives you a lot of elbowroom if you want to explore a different setup. If you want to move into a reseller type of business model, then you do not need to look for a different partner. You can switch internally with ScalaHosting. Although they do not have a lot of VPS options, at least you can try it out with their single package for virtual private server hosting.

    • Free Tools

They have a couple of handy tools that will help you get your web project up and running. One of the more notable ones is their website builder tool. For those who do not have dedicated web developers on board, this is a huge help since you can do the adjustments or the setup on your own. When you are not the most experienced person when it comes to web site building, this is a huge helping hand and can help you cut down on costs by doing some of the set up on your own.

    • Focus on Reseller

They really focus on their reseller packages, which makes them the ideal candidate for those planning to resell their packages. And for those who do not, at least you know that if ever you want to resell to enhance your business model, you can always choose to do so with ScalaHosting.

What’s Disappointing About ScalaHosting?

&#10006 Customer service tends to be rude

They do not have the friendliest customer support staff, to say the least. In this industry where there are thousands of other options out there, every aspect of your service must be attractive. Either to keep existing customers or to entice prospects. They sadly fail in this section of the requirements.

&#10006 Fluctuating performance

They also do not have the most stable servers. Although for some this may not be catastrophic, if the nature of your web application relies on it being 99.99% up, then you need to look for another web hosting provider.

The Bottom Line

As much as ScalaHosting tries to be as attractive as possible, there are just other choices out there where you can better spend your hard earned budget or money. Although they have a wide variety of options, having a positive customer service experience is still key, as well as a rock-solid network.