Riya Infotech is a Linux-based shared hosting provider that aims to serve business, organizations or persons wanting their own web page. What differentiates Riya Infotech from others is that they moderate their own traffic levels to minimize service disruptions to their entire client base.

The Hosting Package

The Startup package is at $10 per month with 500 MB disk space and a 2 GB bandwidth. This includes 50 POPmail accounts with FTP access and 5 MySQL databases. The Economic package is at $15 per month for the 1 GB disk space and 5 GB bandwidth. It comes with 100 POPmail accounts and 5 MySQL databases. The Business package costs $25 a month for the 5 GB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth, including unlimited POPmails and 10 MySQL databases. The Corporate package costs $50 for a month and covers the 20 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and POPmail accounts plus unlimited MySQL databases.

What’s Great About Riya Infotech?

    • Option for monthly, quarterly or yearly payments

What is great about Riya Infotech is that they give you the option to pay on a yearly, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. This gives you a lot of flexibility depending on how you want to allocate your budget. This added mobility in your finances is something that is really good to have as an option, especially if you are just starting out.

    • Good uptime record

Riya Infotech has a very good uptime record of nearly 99%. This is very near to what they claim to have, which is 99.99% uptime. Aside from schedule maintenance breaks, there are virtually no reported incidents of service interruption.

    • Full SSH access to server

In some hosting providers, they do not give you full access to the server and would need to ask them to place huge files into the system with Riya Infotech, you are given full SSH access to the server. Just be careful and be sure you know what you are doing.

    • Full NOC team monitoring the traffic

The big plus point with Riya Infotech lies behind their NOC team that monitors the networks performance to make sure that everyone is well serviced. They strictly implement their fair share user’s policy and will inform those who are greatly exceeding their allotted space.

What’s Disappointing About Riya Infotech?

&#10006 No support for Windows

Sadly, Riya Infotech’s packages are for Linux users only. While Linux is the preferred operating system, there are still others who prefer to use Windows, too. For these users, they have no choice but to look for another service provider.

&#10006 Not much actual user reviews

There are not much actual user reviews out there regarding Riya Infotech’s performance. While they have a really good reputation, you should also be in the look out for real comments regarding their service.

The Bottom line

If you do not mind that no one has said much about them, then you might want to try out Riya Infotech’s packages. NOC monitoring in a regular hosting service is something quite special and if you like that concept, then go ahead and sign up with them.