Revive Hosting is a shared hosting company that offers web design, hosting and content management, based in New Zealand. They are a fairly new company into the web hosting industry and tries to offer innovative ways on how to simplify the whole web hosting and maintenance experience.

The Hosting Package

Revive Hosting tries to keep it simple by offering a single type of web hosting plan, that offers 200 MB of space, with unlimited web site pages and unlimited local traffic per month. This package comes with a free Google Analytics module and can be availed for $39.95 per month for a year.

What’s Great About Revive Hosting?

    • Assistance in brand management

Since Revive Hosting is a part of Revive Interactive, you have access to a lot of brand management tools that can serve as your reference when you build your own website. For those who do not have formal training in brand management, this is a very good tool to have at your disposal. As they say, your web site is like a store front that must attract the right type of customers.

    • Assistance in web development

Along with some assistance in brand management is some assistance in web development. Web design principles and some templates are available for all of Revive Hosting’s customers. This is a huge plus especially if you want to focus on the performance and functionality of your site. You can leave the design aspect to their recommendations, instead.

    • Option to house CMS with them

They also have CMS options that can be very useful especially if you want to do some large scale e-commerce. Shopping cart management and inventory taking is a lot easier with a CMS mechanism in place.

    • Affordable packages

Revive Hosting’s packages are quite affordable, considering the totality of what they are offering you. But even without the help on brand management, CMS and web development, their prices are still on the lower end of the spectrum compared to others.

What’s Disappointing About Revive Hosting?

&#10006 Not much user reviews

There is not much user reviews regarding Revive’s hosting performance, which makes you think if anyone has dared to try out their services.

&#10006 No VPS services or dedicated server hosting

If you want to do some VPS hosting apart from the typical shared hosting, you need to look for another provider since this is not available for users of Revive’s hosting packages.

The Bottom line

Revive’s services are great for those who want to get their web sites above the ground. With their tools and advise, you should be able to build your own website then eventually move to a more robust and powerful hosting solution, should your website grow rapidly.