Rainbow E-Commerce is a web solutions provider that not only gives you hosting packages but also e-commerce tips, requirements analysis services, web site deisgn and sample scripts for Javascript and Perl.

The Hosting Package

You need to personally get in touch with the Rainbow E-Commerce team to get to know their packages, not just for web hosting but for all other services you can avail from them – web site management, content management, SEO optimization, web design and internet advertising and script samples.

What’s Great About Rainbow E-Commerce?

    • Affordable price

Rainbow E-Commerce is one of the lowest priced hosting providers out there, which is why they make a good reseller partner. Their packages are competitively priced, given the inclusions and specifications.

    • Can help you with a thousand things

Well, not literally speaking but they have a truckload of services to offer such as the database design. If you are a newbie into the world of web developing, you will find their list of services complementing their hosting services a huge help. You can avail of the requirements analysis consultation and even the b2b business model studying after contacting one of their customer support agents.

    • Customized packages

Since they are practically on a per-quotation basis, you are sure to get what you need, and nothing more. This means no more overpricing and overpaying of packages that are redundant in some aspects. This also means that you can get little upgrades for just a fraction of the cost, without needing to jump from one bronze package to another. This can potentially save your team lots of cash.

    • Easy migration of systems

Rainbow E-Commerce helps you migrate your data and infrastructure for free, if you avail their hosting services. This is a huge help since at least you have someone to assist you when you do something as big as database migration. Database migration and server setup and installation can be a really huge headache. At least you will be sharing that headache with a professional or maybe you won’t even have a headache, at all.

What’s Disappointing About Rainbow E-Commerce?

&#10006 Inconsistent performance

There are times that the network speed dips and causes unexpected performance issues. They do not have the fastest available network and the most robust servers to beef up your system but if you only need moderate speed, then this is forgivable.

&#10006 Not much actual user reviews

There’s not much negative reviews about Rainbow E-Commerce. In fact, there are not too many reviews, at all. This makes you think if anyone has ever availed of any of their services.
With the number of forums and chatrooms where people complain about hosting services left and right, it is a bit strange not to see too many comments, positive or negative about Rainbow E-Commerce. It is either they got all the shy users or no one has dared use them at all.

The Bottom Line

Wait for the other hosting users to comment about their services before you make the first move. You definitely do not want to be the guinea pig for anyone, not even Rainbow E-Commerce.