Rackspace belongs to the new breed of hosting solutions providers that do not easily publish their rates. Instead, they prefer giving out quotations to address your unique needs since they believe that each set project has a different set of requirements and cannot be generalized.

The Hosting Package

There are not published packages in the Rackspace website since they encourage users to go up to them, email them the specifications and they will answer you with their service quotation with several modes of payment options.

What’s Great About Rackspace?

    • Uncensored content

Unlike other hosting providers that censor the content that they host, Rackspace does not do content monitoring. For as long as the company availing of the services is a legally acknowledged company, they are ok with hosting them. This is all good for those who do not want to explain the contents of their websites to any hosting provider.

    • Affordable price

Rackspace is one of the lowest priced hosting providers out there, which is why they make a good reseller partner. Their packages are competitively priced, given the inclusions and specifications

    • Fast response time

Rackspace’s customer support team logs in fast response rates in both incoming calls and trouble tickets filed. This is very important if you need immediate attention to performance issues that you see popping out of your site. They even have a live chat interface that proactively communicates with you whenever you visit their main website. This is as good as an eager, friendly neighbor welcoming you to the area.

    • Customizable hosting package

The freedom to choose what you need for your service and take out the other items that you really do not need to prioritize is quite liberating for some. This setup is ideal for those companies that find it difficult to get a package that suits them just right. For some cases, this also comes out cheaper since you can take out what you do not need from the package and in turn, from the cost.

What’s Disappointing About Rackspace?

&#10006 Difficult refund transactions

It is very difficult to cancel or refund a transaction, no matter how many times you explain your reason. This is most probably true for most companies so that you will be discouraged from cancelling. But it is the only nuisance, so far, with the overall positive experience with Rackspace.

&#10006 Inconsistent performance

There are times that the network speed dips and causes unexpected performance issues. They do not have the fastest available network and the most robust servers to beef up your system but if you only need moderate speed, then this is forgivable.

The Bottom Line

It is a difficult call with Rackspace since they have a lot of pros and sadly, big cons, too. But in the end the pro’s are probably heavier and you just need to cross your fingers that you do not need to do refund transactions while you are with them.