PG Enterprises belongs to the new breed of hosting solutions provider that tries to be as green as possible with their operations. It’s a guilt-free way of hosting a web site since you know you are not greatly contributing to the carbon monoxide circulating the planet. PG Enterprise’s packages are geared towards the small business users, with a variety of offerings for shared, VPS and cloud hosting services. PG Enterprises have been around since 2005 and holds base in Ontario, Canada.

The Hosting Package

Shared hosting packages start at $6.95 per month for a year, which covers your free setup, 1000 MB of disk space, 50,000 MB bandwidth and a cPanel Control Panel. You have the option to choose the location of the hosting service – whether in mainland USA, UK or in Asia.

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting starts at $24.95 a month with a full root-level access, a choice between Windows or Linux and with guaranteed quick account activation.

What’s Great About PG Enterprises?

    • Green hosting

For those who want to partner with someone who cares for the environment, you will be pleased to know that PG Enterprises uses wind power to run their machines. They are one of the few hosting companies with concrete steps on how to make their operations as green as possible. Not only do they try to reduce the power being used in their operations, they try to make the energy source renewable, too.

    • Affordable VPS packages

VPS packages are really more expensive than the shared hosting packages but PG Enterprises strategically prices their VPS package lower than their other competitors, encouraging users to at least try out their service.

    • Support for both Windows and Linux

Most other service providers zero in on Linux users alone but PG Enterprises gives support to both operating systems, giving you the flexibility to use whichever OS you prefer for your web deployment.

    • Easy to use website

A mark of a good company is an easy to use website that is up all the time. This is what you get with PG Enterprises. A modern, simple and yet very helpful website guides you through their packages and their contact information is easy to spot.

What’s Disappointing About PG Enterprises?

&#10006 Sporadic performance

There have been reports of extreme performance issues. In some cases, network speed has been commendable but in other times, there are instances of extended down time, some even reaching several hours without prior notice.

&#10006 Customer support training needed

A usual bane in hosting services is the need to have a better-trained customer support staff. They are the company’s first line defense in terms of providing much needed support to customers, especially to those who are not familiar with the technicalities. Customer support should go beyond reading a practiced spiel and insisting on checking things on the website before they answer your questions.

The Bottom line

PG Enterprises does not really offer anything out of the ordinary. Prices are on the good side but not exceptional, same with their performance and even with the package inclusions. Overall, you can probably score a better deal elsewhere.