Performance Hosting has been around for a decade and has built a reputation on being one of the more reliable service providers out there. They have a wide range of services, from the affordable to the costly dedicated server hosting.

The Hosting Package

Performance hosting classifies their packages depending on the type of hosting a customer needs. Shared hosting starts at $5.95 per month for a year, while virtual dedicated hosting costs $19.95 per month. Dedicated servers are at $99.99 per month and cloud hosting starts at $59.95 per month. All of the packages get a discount if you plan to avail of their services for more than a year.

What’s Great About Performance Hosting?

    • 30-day money back guarantee

A 30-day money back guarantee is a big assurance to you that you can always cancel the service if you find their performance unsatisfactory. You can go ahead and give them a try without fearing that your entire budget can be wiped out by just the hosting solution cost.

    • Discount coupons available

Who doesn’t love discount coupons? Performance Hosting appeals to the frugal customer by giving out discount coupons on their official site and in partner sites, as well.

    • Reseller options

There are options to resell their service, which can be done easily since their packages are quite affordable. Reselling gives you the change to earn more and not be 100% dependent on the original business plan for your website.

    • Minimal network downtime – almost none!

One of the nicest things about performance hosting is that there is virtually no downtime, even for the older accounts. This even includes maintenance upgrades. If you need a consistent network for your project, then this is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider.

    • Easy switch feature

Performance Hosting makes it easy for you to transfer to them from another web hosting provider. This is a big plus especially if you do not want to redo the whole installation process again.

What’s Disappointing About Performance Hosting?

&#10006 Not so fast customer service responses

Performance Hosting can still improve in the response rates of their customer support staff. Whether this is via phone call or through a filed trouble ticket, a faster turnaround time would mean a happier customer base.

&#10006 No unlimited packages

This is listed in their main website, that they purposely didn’t want to have unlimited packages, fearing that it may affect the stability of the service. But still, there are business models that would succeed more if the plan availed is the unlimited plan.

The Bottomline

Performance Hosting is a good choice for users who want a consistent and dependable service. If it is ok with you that you will not have unlimited storage for your web site, then Performance Hosting is one of the companies that you should heavily consider.