Overline India is an India-based hosting company offering reseller, VPS, shared web hosting and dedicated servers to both Windows and Linux users.

The Hosting Package

Overline India’s most popular hosting plan starts at $3.95 per month for a year, which covers 5,000 MB of disk space, 50,0000 MB bandwidth with a free SSL certificate. This account also comes with 75 email accounts and unlimited databases. Other packages include fully managed, dedicated servers for $79 per month and VPS hosting for $15.95 per month.

What’s Great About Overline India?

    • 30-day money back guarantee

Overline India gives users more time to work out the kinks and test run servers. This is why Overline India’s money back guarantee covers 30 days. This is a very attractive offer for those who are quite hesitant on shelling out money in trying services that they do not have personal experience with. Although there are stories that 30 day money back guarantees make it very difficult for the customer to get a refund, it is still better than not being guaranteed at all to give their services a try.

    • 99.99% up time

Overline India is one of the few hosting companies that lives up to its claim of 99.99% up time. There are rarely any down times especially outside scheduled maintenance optimizations. This is really a good thing to have especially for those who cannot afford dowtimes such as bank websites, news pages and other high traffic websites.

    • Wide range of services

Overline India offers nearly all types of hosting packages – from VPS to shared hosting and even dedicated servers. This is a good thing if you want to eventually try out other things aside from the typical shared hosting plans. This gives you a chance to expand and backup your site in different hosted ways. You do not feel limited with Overline India’s offering, aside from the many types of packages offered, they also have support for the two most popular OS’s.

    • Support for Linux and Windows

Most other service providers zero in on Linux users alone but Overline India gives support to both operating systems, giving you the flexibility to use whichever OS you prefer for your web deployment. With this feature, you do not need to choose if you should go with Unix or Windows.

What’s Disappointing About Overline India?

&#10006 Slow network speed

Although Overline India boasts of a nearly 99.99% uptime, their network speed needs a lot of improvement. There are times that pages tend to crawl which can sometimes give the impression that the page is down.

&#10006 Control panel interface sometimes does not work

They can do better by providing a nicer control panel with a dependable performance and well tested to suit the needs of the administrators. This is why other people sign up with hosting companies that provide cPanel as their control panel.

The Bottom line

You really do not need 99.99% uptime if the network is too slow for use. So far the great uptime record is the only huge point in favor of Overline India but they need to work on speeding up their performance. A usable and reliable control panel is also a necessity so it might be best to look for other hosting providers while you still can.