Looking for a hosting company to partner with for your web site? Omega hosts is one of the hundreds of hosting companies out there offering

The Hosting Package

Omega Hosts offers two types of hosting packages – the Basic and the Advanced. For the Basic package, you will get 500 MB of disk space, 25 email accounts and 2 MySQL databases for $48 per year. Their Advanced package gives you unlimited disk space, email accounts and MySQL databases for around $65 per year.

What’s Great About Omega Hosts?

    • Good uptime feedback

Omega Hosts maintains a relatively good uptime record. Aside from the regular maintenance upgrades, there are almost no reports of disruptive downtimes after deployment.

    • Cheap rates

Omega Hosts is one of the cheapest in terms of the start up rates that you can avail of. Even if you need to commit to them for a year, the monthly cost is only a fraction of what other providers give their subscribers.

    • Unlimited package

Their unlimited package gives you a lot of elbowroom for your web storage. You need not worry if you will run out of memory in your web application.

    • Good value for the money

Not all cheap packages are good packages. With Omega Hosts, their packages are affordable and at the same time, the inclusions are very much reasonable. The disk space allocated is quite large for the money that you are paying.

What’s Disappointing About Omega Hosts?

&#10006 Not much is known about them

Do you know someone who has tried Omega Hosts? Do you know someone who knows someone who has tried Omega Hosts? I hear a resounding “No!” This is mostly because I don’t think a lot of people have tried them out. This can either entice you to discover something new or turn you off since you do not want to risk anything. I go with the latter.

&#10006 It’s a small company

One can say that not all small companies are bad but if you are looking for a stable, well-known hosting company, then by all means look for another one. If you are not willing to risk the reliability of your service, Omega Hosts is not the one for you. There are no guarantees given by the company and there are no strong testimonials asserting their claimed performance.

The Bottomline

Sometimes brand new companies need time to sort out their products and processes. If you are not on the look out for the newest web hosting service then I suggest you look for other web hosting solutions providers to give you a more reliable service.