NexPoint is a hosting solutions provider who’s been around since 2000. They have cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers and virtual hosting packages (only reseller packages are missing).

The Hosting Package

Their cloud hosting package are scalable and flexible. Since each package is tailored-fit to your needs, you need to get in touch with their customer support team for a quote. Their Shared hosting starts at $4.25 a month (Starter package) for the 100 MB storage, 10 GB bandwidth, 10 email accounts and support for ASP, PHP, PERL and even XML. Their Special package costs $8.25 a month for the 1 GB storage, unlimited email accounts, 50 GB bandwidth plus support for Frontpage, MS Access. .NET 2.0 and CF7.

Their VPS package starts at $29.95 per month for the 20 GB disk space, 384 MB guaranteed emmory, 100 GB monthly bandwidth with support for CentOS Linux and an unlimited number of domains. This also comes with the cPanel control panel and a dedicated IP.

Their dedicated server package costs $169 a month for the Dual AMD Dual core Opteron at 2.2 GHz, with 4096 MB RAM, 250 GB SATA storage, 2000 GB transfer and a $49 setup fee. Cheaper dedicated server packages are at $59 per month for the Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz with 2048 MB RAM, 250 GB IDE, 2000 GB transfer and a free set up fee.

What’s Great About NexPoint?

    • Uncensored content

Unlike other hosting providers that censor the content that they host, this team does not do content monitoring. For as long as the company availing of the services is a legally acknowledged company, they are ok with hosting them. This is all good for those who do not want to explain the contents of their websites to any hosting provider.

    • SSL Certificates available

SSL certificates are available if you want to host an ecommerce site or any site that requires this secure certificates. This means less time for you on searching for an SSL certificate provider and more time concentrating on your web development work.

    • Online Backup

An online backup system can give you a lot of peace of mind especially if is being done automatically, like how they do it. This gives you fewer worries whenever you do upgrades or maintenance changes since your selected information is stored somewhere. If something happens, at least you know you have a backup.

What’s Disappointing About NexPoint?

&#10006 Expensive!

There’s no need to beat around the bush – NexPoint is expensive! This is not the company for the start up player at all! And even if you are n the experienced side, you will probably look for other cheaper alternatives because their rates do not even come close to their nearest competitors.

&#10006 Frequent downtimes

The frequent downtimes can be a tad too irritating, especially if this is your first time hosting your web service. There are too many service interruptions to count. This is a very bad thing to have unless you are in it for personal reasons. But for budding e-commerce sites, this is a nightmare to have.

The Bottom Line

They are a bit too expensive for the value that they will be giving you, especially since there are a lot of other companies offering you the same thing for lesser amounts.