NetAugusta is a hosting company based in Sri Lanka. They’ve been around since 2006. They take pride in providing affordable packages with dependable hosting performance.

The Hosting Package

NetAugusta’s shared hosting package starts at $2.95 per month for the 2 GB storage space with 20 GB bandwidth. This package comes with a cPanel control panel and is offered free for the first 2 months of use. They also have the unlimited package for $4.95 per month. This comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer per month. This also comes with a $50 Yahoo Ads credit and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cloud hosting starts at $9.95 per month for the 100 GB storage space with 1000 GB bandwidth. This package comes with free setup and a 100% server uptime guarantee.

What’s Great About NetAugusta?

    • Unlimited Packages

One of the easiest types of packages to maintain is an unlimited package. You just need to think about the monthly fee you need to pay for and nothing else. NetAugusta offers unlimited packages for those who want this kind of convenience. This is good if you are not planning on having a network-intensive project, which would otherwise require a dedicated server hosting setup.

    • Site Statistics

One good tool to have is the availability of site statistics. Not only does it monitor your site’s and the network’s performance, you also get to know who visits you the most, the busiest times of the day for your site and other important information about your visitors and the network backing you up. NetAugusta provides this information for all of their customers.

    • Back Up Services

Having daily back ups gives you peace of mind. At least when something drastic happens and you do not have your own personal back up (which you should have, by the way) then your world will not end since NetAugusta does the backing up for you. They do this on a daily basis for all of the accounts tied with them.

    • No Set Up Fee

Other web hosting providers charge a set up fee for their customers, which is a little bit absurd since you need them to sign with you and you need to make it as easy as possible. NetAugusta provides setup for free, so you really only need to pay for the monthly rates that you have signed up for. No hidden charges here.

What’s Disappointing About NetAugusta?

&#10006 Not Much Web Promos

They do not have a lot of web promos or coupons going around, which, for those who really want to save cash, is essential. Although they do have their 30-day money back guarantee, occasional promotions wouldn’t hurt in their marketing since they are a fairly unknown entity.

&#10006 No Actual User Reviews

There’s not much negative publicity about them – and there’s not much positive feedback, either. This makes you think if somebody has already dared try their service. There’s not much talk in the forums, either. So this means they either got all happy and satisfied customers who are not complaining, or no one has signed up with them yet.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is stopping you from signing up with them but if you want to go for a tried and tested solution, then it is suggested that you look for another provider. There are others out there that have all of their perks plus a good reputation to boot.