MyResellerHost is a hosting and reselling company based in Germany. As their name implies, they do not just provide VPS hosting solutions but they also have some reseller packages, as well.

The Hosting Package

Their VPS or Virtual Private Server packages range from $69.99 to $104.00 per month, depending on the processor and guaranteed RAM. The Intel Atom 330 package costs $69.99 a month with a guaranteed RAM of 2 GB, 3 IP’s and 5000 GB bandwidth. Two CPU’s of 1.6 GHz are assigned to this package.

The Intel XEON X3210 package costs $97.99 a month with a 2 GB guaranteed RAM, 3 IP’s and 4000 GB bandwidth. This is equipped with four 2.13 GHz machines with a setup time of 2 days.

The Intel Core i7-920 package costs $104.00 per month with a guaranteed RAM of 8 GB, 5000 GB bandwidth, 1 IP and equipped with 4 2.66 GHZ machines.

What’s Great About MyResellerHost?

    • In-house support team

The number one positive thing about MyResellerHost is that they have a well-trained, in-house technical and customer support team, which allows them to really control the quality of the calls and emails. They prioritize customer service above anything else since the company believes that this is their differentiating factor, amidst the sea of hosting providers.

    • Good uptime record

Their VPS hosting services have a good uptime record, with rarely any interruptions lasting for more than an hour. This is an excellent point for them since VPS or Virtual Private Server services do not come cheap and a reassurance that the uptime is good means more business time for the customer.

    • Good site speed

Aside from a good uptime record, the network speed of their VPS solutions is also commendable. This assures you of good transfer time from site to the end user and at the same time, ensures easy transactions on your web site.

    • Capable of handling high traffic sites

The VPS hosting solutions of MyResellerHost is capable of handling high traffic sites. Their packages and specifications do not only cater to the newbie user. Upgrades are easily available for existing customers that would demand more from their virtual private servers.

What’s Disappointing About MyResellerHost?

&#10006 No shared hosting packages

MyResellerHost does not offer the more affordable, shared hosting packages that are often bundled with the VPS packages. They are really concentrating on reselling and providing VPS solutions so if shared hosting is what you are looking for, then you have to look for another service provider.

&#10006 Occasional big service disruptions that can last several days

While their uptime and network speed is good, there have been reported instances where service interruption lasted several days. This may be considered just sporadic down times but if you cannot afford to risk this type of disruption, then it is better that you look at other hosting solutions providers.

The Bottom line

In a nutshell, there is nothing preventing you from trying out their service especially if you can afford that small risk of having some service interruptions. They may not be the cheapest VPS providers out there but the speed of the network is really remarkable compared to other competitors.