MyHosting offers multiple web hosting packages from managed web applications to VPS hosting. They boast of several development partners including Microsoft, BlackBerry and Parallels.

The Hosting Package

MyHosting has a handful of web hosting packages, starting with their shared hosting offerings targeted for personal and small business use. Their Web Hosting package starts at $4.84 per month for a year and covers unlimited disk space, free domain name, free exchange mail and the easy to use site builder tool, Builderuilder. Hosted Exchange packages start at $9.95 per user per month for a year with a free copy of MS Outlook as well as webmail access. VPS Hosting for Linux users starts at $15.76 per month and comes with full root access and free SSL certificate.

What’s Great About MyHosting?

    • Occasionally offers free hosting

MyHosting sometimes offers free hosting for non-profit organizations. There are a lot of accounts that go to MyHosting to ask if they can avail of free hosting services, for a limited space and time, of course. It is great to know that some hosting companies support philanthropic efforts and that they are not to greedy with their hosting income and resources.

    • Fast set up time

MyHosting boasts of really fast set up time, even if they provide set up for free. This is an excellent thing to know for those who are in a hurry to launch a service and really needs to get things up and running.

    • Easy to use control panel

MyHosting’s control panel, although not cPanel, is easy to use and very user friendly. It is a huge thing to have admin controls user friendly since not all administrators are experts, especially for those who use their web services for personal businesses.

    • Knowledgeable customer support team

MyHosting’s support team has earned a good reputation of being nice and friendly, not to mention very helpful. This supports MyHosting’s target of servicing nearly everyone that needs a hosting solution – whether it is an orphanage, personal blogger or an e-commerce site.

What’s Disappointing About MyHosting?

&#10006 Frequent downtimes

The frequent downtimes can be a tad too irritating, especially if this is your first time hosting your web service. There are too many service interruptions to count. This is a very bad thing to have unless you are in it for personal reasons. But for budding e-commerce sites, this is a nightmare to have.

&#10006 Too many unresolved tickets

A friendly customer support staff is not all that they need to have. There are too many unresolved tickets. Although the staff is nice and helpful to a certain extent, they need to be trained more in addressing more complex issues experienced by the more commercial users.

The Bottom line

If you are a non-profit organization seeking a new hosting provider that can offer their services for free, go ahead and sign up with MyHosting. If not, you are better off looking at other providers that can give a much more stable performance.