Multacom hosting provides several hosting packages for both Windows and Linux that focuses on the hosting performance. They do not have a lot of inclusions in their packages (web design tools or SEO tips) but they have built a reputation of having a stable, reliable service. Multacom has been around for more than 10 years and is considered as one of the older players in the hosting industry.

The Hosting Package

Multacom offers three Linux packages and one Windows package. The Windows package is priced at $7.95 per month, which gives you 500 MB of web space with 25 GB of transfer limit. The Complete Plan for Unix is priced at $5.95 per month, with 2000 MB of web space and a 50 GB transfer limit. The Pro Plan is at $14.95 per month, with 6000 MB of web space and a 75 GB transfer limit. The Advanced Plan is at $39.95 per month, with 1000 MB of web space and a 150 GB transfer limit. All plans come with free set up and installation.

What’s Great About Multacom?

    • Good uptime rate

Most users are happy with Multacom’s performance with regards to the uptime rate that they promise in their website. The money-back guarantee encourages the users to try out their service with minimal risks. Aside from the scheduled maintenance upgrades, Multacom rarely has downtimes.

    • Fast customer service response

Multacom provides substantial 24/7 customer support lines for all their subscribers. Their customer support staff is actually well trained to answer first line support inquiries and issues. Ticket turnaround time is almost always less than 24 hours.

    • Easy to understand control panel UI

The control panel user interface is very easy to use and is quite handsome, compared to other services that give a bare bones feel to their user interface. Most other hosting solutions assume that since the control panel is only viewed by the administrators, that it is not that important to make it user-friendly.

    • Good network speed

Multacom’s network speed is consistently good, with minimal interruptions, delivering a steady service throughout all hosted sites. This is a good thing to have on your side especially if your web service needs that kind of dependable availability 24/7.

What’s Disappointing About Multacom?

&#10006 No unlimited storage plan

One big negative note in Multacom’s lineup is their lack of unlimited storage option for web developers. They have a nearly perfect reputation in terms of uptime and the only drawback is that you have to keep in mind how much space you still have in the package that you availed.

&#10006 A bit pricey service

There are virtually no complaints about Multacom in terms of their network’s performance and reliability. But if you take a closer look at their packages and compare it with other services, they are on the more expensive side. The $5.95 a month basic Linux package is expensive for a limited storage hosting solution.

The Bottomline

If your website needs reliable service and you do not need that much storage space, then consider hosting your site with Multacom.