MochaHost Review

MochaHost aims to provide relatively low-cost web hosting solutions for business users. Performance mixed with disaster-recovery plans to ensure continued service no matter what, MochaHost offers reliable, advanced and well-balanced solutions for the business users.

The Hosting Package

MochaHost organizes their packages by operating systems, Windows packages and Linux packages. For those using Linux, users have the option to choose Soho ($3.10 per month, 1 free domain name and hosting for one site), Business ($4.75 per month, 2 free domain names and hosting for 5000 sites) and Mocha ($8.75 per month, 2 free domain names and unlimited sites to host). The packages for Windows users are nearly the same except for the fact that unlimited domain support (both for parked and sub-domains) is given to all packages. All of MochaHost’s packages include unlimited disk space. There are also occasional promos that bring down their regular package prices to $2.33, $3.33 and $5.68 respectively.

What’s Great About MochaHost?

MochaHost is the preferred choice by most advanced users, mostly because of the reasons below:

    • Price is just right.

Considering the bucket load of features that MochaHost gives its users, the price of their packages are comparatively low, even at their regular, non-promo rates. For those looking to resell their packages, it is still quite possible to earn a lot, especially if bundled with other web tools. For business users, ultimately it is the price that matters the most.

    • Availability of tutorials

Even though MochaHost is geared towards the expert users, they still have some “hosting for dummies” type of reference materials that help you set up your own site quite easily.

    • Good control panel interface

It is important to have a user-friendly control panel since this is the part of the service that is most visible to the purchasing users. For MochaHost, they made sure that the interface is easy to understand and use, lessening the headaches of the administrators.

    • Over-all value of the package

What makes MochaHost standout from its competitors is their offering. Most of the items included in MochaHost are considered as upgrades for other web hosting services.

What’s Disappointing About MochaHost?

MochaHost attracts a lot of business users but for them to be able to maintain this valuable customer base, they must first iron out their weaknesses, listed below:

&#10006 Beef up their customer support team
Since a huge bulk of their customers are advanced users who are well experienced in dealing with web solutions, their customer support team should be up to par with them. Aside from speedy replies to emails, MochaHost should work on training their staff to be more robust in terms of dealing with technical questions regarding their packages.

&#10006 Frequent down times
There have been a lot of reports that the service often goes down with no clear explanation to why. The most common suspicion is that MochaHost needs to upgrade their machines in order to keep up with the traffic going through their servers.

The Bottomline

If you are the type of user that will be reselling the packages of MochaHost or is looking for an all-inclusive type of deal (without minding the occasional down times), then MochaHost is the choice for you.