Media Temple provides a new breed of hosting solutions – from dedicated virtual servers, grid service and complex hosting. They belong to the new batch of emerging web hosting providers and target the enterprise users in the market.

The Hosting Package

Media Temple offers scalable dedicated virtual servers that start with their 512 MB package. This costs $50 per month for the 30 GB disk space and 1 TB bandwidth. The 1 GB package costs $100 for the 50 GB disk space and 1.5 TB bandwidth. The 2 GB package costs $150 for the 100 Gb disk space and 2 TB bandwidth. Their 4 GB package will cost you $350 for the 200 GB disk space and 3 TB bandwidth.

The 8 GB package costs $750 per month for the 350 GB disk space and 3 TB bandwidth. Their last and most expensive package is the 16 GB package, which will cost you $1500 per month for the 600 GB disk space and 3 TB bandwidth per month.

What’s Great About Media Temple?

    • Wide variety of packages to choose from

Media Temple provides several packages to choose from, whether it is for a virtual private server or managed dedicated servers. This means that you will most probably find what is the best fit for your needs with Media Temple. There is a lot of room for upgrade in case your service demands more resources from the hosting provider.

    • Friendly customer support team

The friendly customer support team of Media Temple makes it easy for the customers to seek advice in terms of installation and set up issues. Media Temple tries to differentiate themselves from other hosting solutions providers by adding that human touch into their list of services. Their customer support team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry and there are rarely any unhappy reports about their performance.

    • Innovative team

The good thing about Media Temple is that you know they are trying to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to their offerings. You know a team is studying how to make things a bit easier, work faster and you can see the results in their product line up.

    • Good value for the money

Their hosting services may seem expensive but if you look at the inclusions they are giving each package, it is actually a good buy. While it is true that you end up paying more, you also end up getting more memory, more bandwidth and more storage.

What’s Disappointing About Media Temple?

&#10006 Not so good performance

This is quite unexpected for a seemingly new company, but Media Temple is not for those who want a rock solid performance. Although they do have their money back guarantee, if you are the type that doesn’t want to spend extra time trying things out, then it is best you look at other hosting providers out there.

&#10006 Not much actual user reviews

There’s not much to see about Media Temple. You are not sure if this means no one has tried them out or all of their customers are silently content with the service. This type of silence can be quite scary for those who are fishing for information for prospective service providers.

The Bottom Line

Try out other companies targeting enterprise solutions first. Let other people try this service out before you jump ship since you’ll never know, they might have a really poor network and you might be the first one to rant about it.