Lush Technologies is one of the few hosting companies that claim to be green in terms of their operations. Packages are priced on a yearly basis and are relatively geared towards the experienced users.

The Hosting Package

Lush Technologies prices their packages on a yearly basis. All packages include free set up, unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases. Starter accounts are at $319 per year and comes with 10 GB of disk space with 1 domain hosted. Business accounts are at $429 per year with 30 GB of disk space and 5 domains hosted. The Deluxe accounts are available for $759 per year with 80 GB of disk space and 10 domains hosted. Lastly, their Ultra account is available for $1,089 per year with 130 GB of disk space and 25 domains hosted.

What’s Great About Lush Technologies?

    • Green hosting company

With the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the servers, it is great to know that some companies are going green. If you are a firm environmentalist, then this is a major consideration when selecting your preferred hosting company.

    • Free module installation

Installations are done for free, which takes out the headache especially for newbie users.

    • Fast response from technical support team

A mark of a good company is a good technical support team. Not everyone is a genius and an expert in setting up their web sites so a reliable and credible support team is a big plus.

    • Fit for sites needing large disk space

The packages of Lush Technologies, while not unlimited, cater to those who need a huge amount of disk space to keep things running smoothly.

What’s Disappointing About Lush Technologies?

&#10006 A bit expensive

Lush Technologies is a bit expensive compared to other companies offering the same, if not more, features. This is not the first choice for those who want to be very frugal with their spending.

&#10006 A relatively new player

Another blow to an otherwise all right reputation is that Lush Technologies is a new player in the hosting market. While this does not mean that they are an inexperienced team, this means that they haven’t built a solid reputation in terms of their uptime and downtime rates.

The Bottomline

If you are big on going green and do not mind paying a little extra just to ensure that you are also helping the environment along the way, then there is no harm in trying Lush Technologies as your hosting partner.