Limestone Networks offers dedicated hosting solutions based in Dallas, Texas. They target large businesses and enterprise users who prefer to have their applications hosted on a dedicated server, eliminating the risk of running out of storage and sharing the bandwidth with someone else.

The Hosting Package

Limestone Network’s most affordable package starts at $119 per month for the Intel Core2Duo E8200 machine. It comes with 250 GB storage and 2 TB bandwidth. One of their mid-range packages costs $174 per month for the Intel Core2Quad Q9650 with 500 GB storage and 6 TB bandwidth. Their most expensive package is the Dual Intel Xeon 5650 with 250 GB RE3 and 3 TB bandwidth for $475 per month.

What’s Great About Limestone Networks?

    • Easy to use control panel

What’s nice about Limestone Networks is that even if they are geared towards the more experienced users, they still have a very easy to use control panel. This makes the administration part of the hosting services very easy to do. It doesn’t mean that if you are a web expert, you should be stuck with crappy control panels.

    • Affordable price compared to competitors

Limestone Network’s packages are fairly priced. They are not too expensive and not too cheap, either, to make you doubt about their performance. With the amount of storage they are giving you, it is quite difficult to find a nice balance of pricing and inclusions out there.

    • Stable and reliable network performance

Limestone Networks has built a name on stable performance. Their network is reliable, there rarely are unscheduled service disruptions plus the speed of their network is very consistent.

    • Consistent performance all through the years

What is good with Limestone Networks is that their performance is not just consistent on a day-to-day basis, but also on a yearly basis. Ever since they were established, their service performance is not declining, so far. This is a good mark of a company aiming to deliver quality services to their customers.

What’s Disappointing About Limestone Networks?

&#10006 No other types of hosting packages available

The only major disappointing thing with Limestone Networks is that they do not carry any other type of hosting except for the dedicated servers. If you want to have shared hosting or VPS hosting or if you are a start up company that would prefer to go with them because of their good name, you have no choice but to avail of their dedicated server package.

&#10006 SSH access sometimes not allowed

Although Limestone Networks has a very good reputation, there have been instances that SSh access to the server was not allowed. There were no concrete reasons to why these fluke accidents happen but overall, this is a very rare occurrence with Limestone Networks.

The Bottom Line

The combination of a good price, good customer service skills and a reliable, rock solid network, Limestone Networks is one of the most stable partners you can find out there. Most other company’s network speed declines after a while but with Limestone Network you are guaranteed a no-frills set up, with exactly what you ordered and with a good, maintained network speed.