Kazilla provides virtual private servers to those seeking budget hosting solutions. They do not have unlimited packages but have built a quiet reputation in terms of the stability of the service.

The Hosting Package

Kazila has several hosting packages ranging from minimal 512 MB memory allocation to massive 1512 MB memory. The cheapest package is at $29 per month for a year, which gives you a single core with 512 MB, 20 GB diskspace and 750 GB bandwidth. Their next package is at $39 and $49, both with 2 cores at 768 MB and 1024 MB, respectively. The $39 package has a 40 GB disk space and 1200 GB bandwidth while the $49 package has 60 GB disk space and 1750 GB bandwidth. Lastly, their $89 per month for a year package gives you 4 cores with 1512 MB memory, 100 GB disk space and a massive 2500 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About Kazila?

    • Minimal downtime

With Kazila, you can expect minimal downtime even with the large memory allocated to each subscriber. This is mostly because hardware issues are not usually present in VPS providers but at the same time, it can also be credited to an efficient load balancing scheme being done by Kazila.

    • 30 day money back guarantee

To help you ease your worries about their performance, Kazila offers a 30 day money back guarantee where you can cancel the service, no questions asked, if you think they are not up to par with their competitors.

    • Aggressive promotions and discounts

Kazila is quite aggressive when it comes to promotions and the availability of discount coupons. In some cases, you can even avail of 50% discounts to their monthly rates.

    • Packages for high traffic sites

Kazila is built for high traffic sites that demand a lot of memory and storage to be able to function as designed.

What’s Disappointing About Kazila?

&#10006 Not much tutorial information

There is not much tutorial information and free tools available for newbies. Kazila is geared towards the more experienced user so this means there are no single-click installations and other similar mechanisms.

&#10006 A new player

Kazila is just a 3 year-old company, having started last 2008. This means they can still be ironing out the kinks being a new player into the hosting market.

The Bottomline

Kazila is new into the game and it might be best to have a “wait and see” attitude if they can maintain their performance and good reputation for several more years before entrusting a huge web service into their hands.