JodoHost is an ISO 90001-2000 certified hosting company that offers Windows hosting solutions. JodoHost is a certified Microsoft partner that gives out options to do upgrades on their packages as deemed fit by the customer.

The Hosting Package

All of JodoHost’s packages offer free set up along with RAID Hard-drive monitoring. Their most affordable package starts at $6.95 per month with an option to pay on a yearly basis. This package covers 800 MB of disk space, 12 GB monthly transfer with 3 free domains and a dedicated IP. The Silver package is priced at $12.95 per month with 1600 MB disk space and 22 GB bandwidth. The Gold package is priced at $18.95 per month or $216 for a year with 2600 MB of disk space and 40 GB monthly transfer allowance. The Platinum package is $24.95 a month with 4200 MB of disk space and 60 GB of bandwidth. The Silver, Gold and Platinum packages all come with 2 dedicated IP’s with 6, 9 and 12 free domains upon registration. Their most expensive shared hosting package is the Titanium package, which costs $30.95 per month for the 6400 MB disk space, 90 GB bandwidth with 15 free domains and 2 dedicated IP’s.

What’s Great About JodoHost?

    • A certified Microsoft partner – no scams here!

One big positive point for JodoHost is that they are a certified Microsoft Gold partner. There are a lot of other hosting companies that are borderline scammers out there – reselling packages and offering money back guarantees but will refuse to refund your money when the time comes. With JodoHost, you are assured that they really exist and have partnered with reputable companies – for real.

    • ISO 9001 certification

The ISO 9001 certification means that you are dealing with a company that follows international standards, in order to cooperate with other companies requiring this certification. Hosting companies that are ISO 90001 certified are extremely rare and you must take this as a huge thumbs up sign for JodoHost.

    • Good network speed and uptime rate

JodoHost’s network speed is consistent and commendable. While they may not be the speediest option out there, they have a pretty good line up with good enough pricing. The same thing can be said of their uptime, which is largely consistent all through the years.

    • Excellent for Microsoft aficionados

JodoHost is an excellent option for die-hard Microsoft users. You can rarely find another web hosting provider that prioritizes Microsoft over Linux and in this case, JodoHost is even a Microsoft partner.

What’s Disappointing About JodoHost?

&#10006 No support for Linux

You’ve guessed it – the big bane is that they do not support Linux. All this good reviews and positive feedback is useless for the Linux users. You may sometimes wish that they have exactly the same offering but in Unix. But alas, they only cater to Microsoft users. Too bad.

&#10006 Somewhat declining performance over the years

Although JodoHost’s performance is still good, it’s seen better days. This maybe because of their increasing client list but all the same, the performance is on a very slow downhill pattern. There are more reports of downtimes but overall, it’s still a good experience.

The Bottom line

If the ISO 9001 certification and Microsoft partnership does not impress you then the good track record should. If you do not mind switching to Microsoft or is already using Microsoft, then you are in good hands with JodoHost.