JKookServ is a reseller of hosting packages that incorporates other services aside from web hosting. These additional services such as search engine optimization, strategic ad placement and web design, are all aimed to help the starting web developer beef up his portfolio.

The Hosting Package

JKookServ has two shared hosting packages and eight reseller packages. For the sharing packages, they have a Basic package that consists of 3 GB of web space with free set up plus 2000 GB of transfer space (available for $4.99 a month). Their Professional package consists of 6 GB of web space and 4000 GB of transfer space, also with free set up (available for $7.99 a month).

What’s Great About JKookServ?

    • Provides information on website design and ad placement

A very useful add-on to the JKoorServ lineup is their developer information for website design. The website design information does not only include user interface tips but also how to place web ads strategically to maximize potential return.

    • Search engine optimization packages

Not all web developers are very familiar with search engine optimization. Most of the time, SEO copywriters are employed to do this part of the project but with JKookServ, you will get to know some basics on how to make your website more search engine-friendly.

    • Armed with a good technical support team

The technical support team and after-sales support team is very knowledgeable with troubleshooting information. It is quite easy to renew your subscription with JKookServ since the support team is very helpful with your issues.

    • Fast turnaround rate for support tickets

As an example of how efficient their support team is, ticket turnaround is quite fast. There are many discouraging stories from other hosting providers where trouble tickets take more than 24 hours to get answered. You will rarely experience this with JKookServ.

What’s Disappointing About JKookServ?

&#10006 Linux-only support
One huge drawback is the lack of Windows OS support. This greatly limits the popularity of JKookServ to the Linux community only.

&#10006 Unlimited web space package is expensive
JKookServ does not have sharing packages that offer unlimited web space storage. Their only unlimited storage package is under the reseller option, with a really high price tag of $19.99 a month, significantly more expensive than the other hosting providers out there.

The Bottomline

JKoorServ arms with you with a lot of web site development knowledge but their high prices are not really start-up-friendly. Aside from the really good feedback regarding their support team, there is no other big reason to justify the high price tag of their packages.