iWeb hosting offers packages suited for start up web developers that need an affordable package to get their business off the ground. iWeb hosting is based in the Philippines and offers month-to-month packages for those who do not want to commit to a full year of hosting.

The Hosting Package

iWeb’s hosting package starts at $1.67 per month for a 10 year hosting commitment or $7.77 on a per month basis. This package includes unmetered bandwidth, 600 GB of web disk space, unlimited hosted domains, 500 email accounts and the option to buy 99 cent domain names.

What’s Great About iWeb?

    • Web builder templates available

iWeb offers a lot of web site templates that you can make use of once you avail any of their packages. For a starting company, this speeds things up a bit especially if you are in a hurry to launch a functioning site. This gives you time to focus on the features and functions and less on the aesthetics of your page.

    • 1-click installation software

iWeb also makes use of the 1-click installation scripts that are available in majority of the bigger hosting providers. This makes installation as easy as 1, 2, 3 without needing to cry a river for the scripts that you need to manually write.

    • Up to $50 Google Adwords credit with every shared hosting plan

iWeb bundles Google Adwords credit with every plan availed. This means that you immediately get additional points that you can use to attract the right type of traffic to your web site.

    • Uncensored content

Unlike other hosting providers that censor the content that they host, iWeb does not do content monitoring. For as long as the company availing of the services is a legally acknowledged company, they are ok with hosting them. This is all good for those who do not want to explain the contents of their websites to any hosting provider.

    • Very affordable package

iWeb offers one of the most affordable packages out there. Even if you scour the Internet for rates that match theirs, it is quite difficult to get something cheaper than them. This is very attractive for those who just want to test the waters and do not want to invest an arm and leg for hosting services.

What’s Disappointing About iWeb?

&#10006 Fluctuating server performance

The major point of concern for iWeb is their poor performance especially for high traffic sites. There are days when the network connection is good but most of the time, it is not dependable and stable enough.

&#10006 Dropped live chat sessions; needs improvement on customer support training

There are instances of dropped live chat sessions, which are done on their main page as part of their 24/7 live customer support. Their support team also needs additional training and should stop referring everyone to their web site whenever there are issues.

The Bottom line

If you are in the business to see if you can start your own web site, then iWeb can be a good testing ground for the sole reason that their packages come cheap. But if you are looking for better services and a more stable environment, consider spending a dollar or two more per month for them ore reputable services.