Internet Solutionz is a Hong Kong-based web hosting company offering shared hosting packages for business users.

The Hosting Package

Internet Solutionz offers their Silver Package for $4.50 per month. This comes with 1 GB disk space, 10 GB bandwidth with free set up, unlimited sub domains, email accounts and MySQL databases. The Gold package costs $7.60 per month for the 5 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, 5 hosted domains and unlimited sub domains, email accounts and MySQL databases. The Diamond package costs $13 per month for the 10 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, 10 hosted domains and unlimited MySQL databases, email accounts and sub domains.

What’s Great About Internet Solutionz?

    • Fantastico script included

The much sought-after Fantastico script is included in all of Internet Solutionz’ packages. Fantastic script is aptly named as the easy to use, fantastic 1-click installer script that makes your server installation happen in less than 2 hours. No more self-written scripts for set up and installation!

    • Domain registration service available

Domain registration is also available under Internet Solutionz. This lessens your concerns on where to buy additional domains for your service. That is one less step towards launching your site!

    • Nice, useful website

This portion of the web service is often taken for granted but without a useful website jam packed with relevant information, then a hosting service will not fly. In their website you can easily spot the promos that they have and the types of packages that you can avail of. The perks are also listed on the home page as well as some snippets of testimonials.

    • Free daily backups

Backing up of files is every important especially if you are prone to doing upgrades of your service. Having scheduled daily backups provided for removes the tension every time you need to do upgrades on your site.

What’s Disappointing About Internet Solutionz?

&#10006 Inconsistent performance

A lot can be said about the consistency of Internet Solutionz’ network. Sometimes it is up to speed, sometimes it is completely down. Sometimes you have no complaints and the next day, you are shouting at the customer service agent. Internet Solutionz should keep things constant for their customers not to be discouraged.

This is simply unacceptable for those who want to provide a seamless experience to their end users, such as online banking sites, e-commerce pages, online shopping sites or even as simple as a social network page.

&#10006 Slow customer service

With the inconsistent performance reports, you can say that their customer support team needs a lot of improvement in terms of being polite, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about the issues that they tackle on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

What is advisable is that you look for other internet hosting providers, even if you are keen on getting a Hong Kong-based one. There are many other providers with a much more stable network, especially since the prices of Internet Solutionz are not that cheap, anyway. For sure you can spot a better deal out there.