InterKey is a small hosting provider company that services Linux users only.

The Hosting Package

InterKey has a few Linux-only web hosting packages. Their Basic package costs $19.95 a month, giving you 125 MB of disk space and 11 GB of monthly transfer traffic. The next package is the Small Biz package, costing $29.95 a month for 250 MB of disk space and 15 GB of monthly transfer traffic. The Professional package costs $49.95 per month for the 375 MB space and 20 GB transfer while their most expensive package, the Enterprise package, sets you back $79.95 per month for the 600 MB disk space and 30 GB monthly allocated transfer.

What’s Great About InterKey?

    • Always Available Customer Support Line

Unlike other companies that advertise 24/7 support but once you give them a call, you can’t get through any of their numbers, InterKey actually lives up to that promise. You can always get in touch with any of their customer support staff members, any time of the day. The same goes for their email support staff.

    • Pretty Good Pricing

Their packages are competitive, considering the value that they are offering. This is a good starting point for those who are just starting their own web services and want to minimize the financial risk by getting the cheapest possible web services that fit their needs.

    • Established Provider

They’ve been around for more than ten years, which makes them one of the grandpa’s in the hosting industry. This length of time in the business assures you that not only are they doing their job well, that people actually try and keep their service, or else, they will not be around until today.

    • Spam and Virus Filtering

For those who value the email service in their web projects, you will be happy to know that InterKey has a spam and virus filtering mechanism in place by default, on all of their customer’s servers. This gives you added security and implies less operational costs for you since you do not need to develop this feature on your own.

What’s Disappointing About InterKey?

&#10006 Technical Support Staff

Although their technical support staff is always available, they are not the smartest bunch. There are times where you feel that you are going in circles. They should better train their staff. Although being available is a step in the right direction, they should now focus on providing quality customer support.

&#10006 Occasional Outages

There are reports of unplanned and unscheduled outages, which can be catastrophic if your site is high traffic or needs its updates accurate all of the time. Although the instances are rare, it still keeps you on your toes.

&#10006 Limited Packages

They do not have the most varied line up of packages, unlike other hosting providers. You might need to look for another partner if you see your project rapidly expanding and suddenly needing a different kind of hosting set up.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an old timer in the web hosting industry, then you can go with Interkey. But if you are looking for a company that has a wider set of packages, which includes support for Windows, then you should look for somebody else to partner with.