Infinitely Virtual uses virtual server technology to manage their list of services. This means relatively cheaper hosting rates while giving the user access to multiple services such as exchange mail hosting, cloud hosting and office virtualization. Virtual private servers give this flexibility to their end users.

The Hosting Package

Infinitely Virtual offers several packages depending on what you need for your web application. You can choose among the following types of services: Virtual Server Hosting (starting at $10.79 per month, for either Windows or Linux hosting with VDS uploading hosting), Exchange hosting (starting at $31.49 per month including an anti-spam and email archiving feature) and Office Virtualization (starting at $8.99 per user per month).

What’s Great About Infinitely Virtual?

Infinitely Virtual is a fairly new entry into the game of web hosting but they are attempting to rock the scene with these features that make them a good choice:

    • Infinitely Virtual is going green!

Not a lot of hosting companies rightfully claim that they are going green. Hosting companies account for at least a quarter of the total carbon monoxide emission from machines in the ICT industry. By going green, Infinitely Virtual attempts to counteract this negative effect on our atmosphere. Infinitely Virtual does this by making their operations more energy-efficient, thus reducing the need to eat up more electricity as they operate.

    • Inclusion of Anti-Spam features

Just recently, Infinitely Virtual announced that they are offering the McAffee Anti-Spam ware for their Virtual Office Network (or VON) package – 100% free of charge! This is a great feature to have since this lessens the cost for end-users to get a separate anti-spam ware for their services.

    • They have a Cloud Hosting plan!

Cloud hosting is one of the rapidly expanding area where customers can reallocate their resources at their own whim. This gives users a lot of flexibility on where to put in more memory or to prioritize which service gets more resource from the server.

    • Virtual office options provide a one-stop-shop service to customers

By having complementing services in their portfolio, Infinitely Virtual makes it a bit easier for their target customers to get the job done. At least you do not need to canvas and check out other competitors if you are happy with Infinitely Virtual’s package. If you are a start up user who wants to expand your services to include virtual offices, then you have the work done for you by just availing of Infinitely Virtual’s other offerings.

What’s Disappointing About Infinitely Virtual?

One of the major drawbacks of being a new player is that not much track record is known about the company. This is the major minus point with Infinitely Virtual. More details are listed below:

&#10006 It’s a relatively new service

If a newbie says he is innovative and aggressive, that silently reads as “I do not have much experience but if you are experimental then I am right for you”. There are no big names associated with Infinitely Virtual and if you are looking for well-known references, there is none that can be found online.

&#10006 Not much actual customer review

Except for a few lines of generally positive experiences with Infinitely Virtual, there is not much being said about their server’s performance, their uptime percentage or even their customer support staff (which is often the bane of most hosting companies). Reviews are as safe and as quiet as a peaceful lake. That sort of peace is a bit suspicious-looking for some customers.

The Bottomline

Infinitely Virtual seems like promising company given the pricing of their offerings and the features that they claim to have. You just need to personally try it out to see if they really live up to their claims because so far, it appears that nobody has done so.