IndoUS Hosting has been in the hosting business since 2004 and is one of the older players in the game. They are proud to have 450 happy clients that have been with them for a couple of years and focus primarily on providing low cost hosting solutions to startup sites. IndoUS Hosting is based in India with reseller and dedicated server packages, as well.

The Hosting Package

The IndoUS Starter costs $3.74 per month for a year and covers 100 MB disk space with 1 GB bandwidth. The Reseller package is at $29.99 per month for a year and covers 3000 MB disk space and 60000 GB bandwidth. Their Dedicated Server package starts at $155.83 per month for a year and covers 80000 MB of disk space with a 500 bandwidth allowance.

What’s Great About IndoUS Hosting?

    • Simple packages with good performance

IndoUS Hosting provides stable performance with good network speed to their clients. Even if they only have a few hosting packages to choose from, you are most likely to be happy with their services since there are rarely no unscheduled downtimes.

    • Friendly customer support team

The friendly customer support team of IndoUS makes it easy for the customers to seek advice in terms of installation and set up issues. IndoUS tries to differentiate themselves from other hosting solutions provider by adding that human touch into their list of services. Their customer support team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry and there are rarely any unhappy reports about their performance.

    • 450 happy clients

Not all hosting companies can boast of a list of 450 happy clients in less than 10 years of experience. This is a very good number to have especially since there are a lot of hosting providers out there that are feared to be scammers. At least with IndoUS hosting, you know you are not being scammed since they will not risk losing those other 450 clinets out there.

    • Large storage capacity

IndoUS hosting’s packaged capacity is very generous, even if they do not have unlimited plans. For some, the package that they give out is nearly unlimited due to the very high limit that they set for disk space and monthly bandwidth allowances.

What’s Disappointing About IndoUS Hosting?

&#10006 Too few packages

Three types of packages just won’t cut it for some and it is bothersome to ask for a quotation for custom made packages. It would be great if they add a few more shared hosting packages so that the user has more flexibility in choosing his preferences.

&#10006 No unlimited data plan

Even if they are very generous with their disk space and bandwidth allowance, sometimes it is simply better to go with an unlimited plan just so you do not need to track your data consumption from time to time.

The Bottom line

IndoUS is one of the more reputable hosting solutions providers out there and there is nothing preventing you from going with them, unless you really want an unlimited data plan.