Identity Website Hosting belongs to the new breed of emerging web hosting solutions provider. They focus on providing fast, reliable and more affordable hosting packages that even has the option to deploy via mobile web. Identity Website Hosting is a good option for small business and individual use since their packages are more suitable for the budding web developer rather than the more established and demanding enterprise users.

The Hosting Package

Identity Website Hosting offers their services for as low as $1.99 per month, which includes 2 GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth and email boxes. This is a good start up package for those who do not want to spend a lot for an experimental web project.

What’s Great About Identity Website Hosting?

Most people shy away from emerging service providers simply because they do not have an established name and track record. But there are perks if you go with the new players, as listed below:

    • Provision for mobile website deployment

Being innovative is a requirement for new players since it is one of the quickest ways to add value to your portfolio. Identity Website Hosting offers help in deploying mobile-compatible website. In today’s age where mobile web users are increasing on a daily basis, it is important for your website to be mobile-compatible.

    • Affordable start up package

You only need to shell out at least $1.99 a month – that is cheaper than your gourmet cup of coffee or a mid-day snack! There is minimal risk for your project if you only need to pay $1.99 per month.

    • Uptime guaranteed

Not all web services can guarantee their uptime and Identity Webhosting does just that. They try to eliminate your woes and makes it as easy for you as possible to try out their service.

    • Lots of tips and helps for start ups

A quick visit to their website shows you lots of available tips for newbie web developers. Tool and free installation software to help you get things going are provided in their website.

What’s Disappointing About Identity Website Hosting?

Since they are still new, the main reason for hesitation is that they do not have a lot of experience as a team. Here are the other reasons why you should think twice before signing up with Identity Website Hosting.

&#10006 Very few actual customer reviews

There are very few customer testimonials regarding Identity Website Hosting, which gives you the impression that not a lot of people have actually tried their services, despite the come-ons.

&#10006 Services are not geared towards enterprise users

Since most of their packages and tools are for start up users, if you are looking for a more robust service that can handle the high amount of traffic you are anticipating in your website, then this is not the choice for you.

The Bottomline

Overall, if you are a newbie user who simply wants to try out a web hosting service, then this is one of the cheapest options for you. You will be supported by their technical support team and at the same time, there are lots of tool for you to use from their website. But if you want a more reliable, stable and reputable service geared for corporate or enterprise use, then better look for other web hosting services out there.