Hostway saw its first days back in 1998, making them one of the older companies in the industry. They started out like most companies (with just a handful of people and a small office to share) and ended up becoming one of the bigger hosts in the industry which now hosts over 600,000 customers.

Now is when I have to tell you that being old doesn’t mean that you’re one of the best hosts that the industry has ever seen. Let’s take a look and see if Hostway survives or dies during this unpredictable web hosting review. 😉

Price Value

When it comes to whether Hostway provides you with a true value or not, it’s really hard for me to sit here and tell you that they do. In fact, they lure you in with the price of $6.95 per month. My guess is that they hope you don’t read the fine print at the bottom of the page.

Why do I say that? Well, that price is only good for your first three months and then the price hops up to $13.95 per month. The fine print says exactly that and it’s not the best way to try and win some new business.

Hostway claims to offer what other hosts refuse to offer. However, after looking at their various offerings, I’m going to call them on it. Why do they claim to do this and there are other hosts who offer the same features?


When it comes to features, they aren’t the best that I’ve seen in this industry. Here they are.

  • Free Newsletter Tool (Mails up to 100 of your receivers)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Site Analytics
  • Shared SSL Certificate

As you can see, they don’t offer much at all. That’s a negative in my book as I believe in providing customers with a BANG for their buck.


One thing that Hostway isn’t known for is having a good performance record. In fact, most of the reviews that have been submitted by Hostway users is caused by poor performance. From downtime to slow load times, Hostway has sure received a lot of negative feedback over the years.

With that said, they’re definitely not a host who has proven that they offer some of the best performance ever seen in the industry.


Hostway seems to be confident that they provide reliable web hosting solutions, especially since they have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. However, many consumer reviews have revealed that Hostway does have its downtime episodes on a more than normal basis. With that said, I can’t trust Hostway enough to tell you that they’re truly providing reliability to their consumers.


You have access to 24/7 support when you go with Hostway which is a plus considering it’s doing a lot more than they did in most of the review factors. They provide it via self-help material, e-mail, phone, and live chat.

It seems that Hostway wants to make sure each one of their customers has help when they need it the most. However, they do outsource their support to other countries, so if a native English speaker is what you prefer, it might be best for you to look at another host.

Love Factor

Hostway may be a big hosting provider with multiple offices around the world and they might host tons of clients. Those things don’t matter to me as you can be huge and still suck at providing the highest quality product in the industry.

From what I have seen in terms of other consumers who reviewed them, my love for Hostway is very little. I wouldn’t go to them if I were you, as there are a lot more offerings out there that makes what Hostway offers look like crap.