HostUpon provides shared hosting packages for personal and small business use. HostUpon is based in Ontario, Canada and takes pride in their fast customer support response and offer movement of data to their new space for free. HostUpon does not have VPS and dedicated server packages.

The Hosting Package

HostUpon has two basic packages, the Starter and the Business. The Starter package gives you unlimited web disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases and free setup for$7.95 a month for two years. Sometimes this package is offered at $4.95 for two years. The Business package gives you the entire Starter package’s perks but comes with a dedicated IP and search engine submission plus FFMPEG for videos and social networks. The Business package is available for $12.95 for two years but is sometimes offered for only $9.95.

What’s Great About HostUpon?

    • Money back guarantee

The 30-day money back guarantee is a great motivator to try their services at least for a couple of weeks. You can use this time to speed test their network and see if your site fits their capacity. There’s virtually no risk here for your team, except for some effort and refund/cancellation transactions should you find their service unsatisfactory.
Fast customer service response

    • Very beginner-friendly experience

HostUpon is really newbie-friendly. The list of tools available for the new web developer, as well as the friendly customer support staff, are all nice tools to have if you are just trying to get your service off the ground.

    • Unlimited plans available

The presence of unlimited disk space and bandwidth, along with the money back guarantee, is indeed very attractive. Unlimited plans give you the convenience of not having to worry about your data consumption and instead focus on getting your service up and running.

What’s Disappointing About HostUpon?

&#10006 Not so good performance

This is quite expected with such a low introductory price and unlimited hosting packages, but HostUpon is not for those who want a rock solid performance. Although they do have their money back guarantee, if you are the type that doesn’t want to spend extra time trying things out, then it is best you look at other hosting providers out there.

&#10006 Reports of disconnected accounts without prior notice

There have been reports of accounts suddenly disconnected without ample notice to the owners. Imagine your website suddenly going down because the company feels that you are compromising the overall network performance?

&#10006 Main website down occasionally

An indication of how stable the company is by looking at their main website. With HostUpon’s case, their home page is often down and this is a very bad indication that they cannot even properly host their own page. In some cases, it seems like they haven’t renewed the hosting for their own domain name.

The Bottom line

Do not be tempted by the low pricing and money back guarantee. The poor performance will only eat up your time trying to process your cancellation and refund. There are many other low cost hosting providers out there that can give you if not the same, more value for your money.