The Hosting Outpost has been around for just a couple of years but they already offer a wide range of shared web hosting plans for the market. They also sell domain names so you do not need to go to a different service provider if you need additional domains.

The Hosting Package

Their Standard plan costs $3.49 a month for the 500 MB of disk space, 5 GB bandwidth and 50 email accounts. This also comes with backup storage, cPanel for its control panel plus the typical 24-hour customer support hotline availability.

What’s Great About Hosting Outpost?

    • Responsive Customer Support Staff

Customer support staff’s turnaround time in terms of addressing issues is a big plus. You wouldn’t want your trouble tickets to rot for months in their records and you do not have to worry about that with this customer support team.

    • Affordable price

They are one of the lowest priced hosting providers out there, which is why they make a good reseller partner. Their packages are competitively priced, given the inclusions and specifications.

    • Easy to use control panel

What’s nice about Hosting Outpostis that even if they are geared towards the more experienced users, they still have a very easy to use control panel. This makes the administration part of the hosting services very easy to do. It doesn’t mean that if you are a web expert, you should be stuck with crappy control panels.

    • Generally OK performance

Hosting Outpost is one of the widely availed hosting providers out there. Look around the internet and you can see a lot of actual user feedback on hosting forums and chatrooms. This is mainly because they have a pretty good performance over the years. They may not be the most reliable or fastest network out there but they are one of the more consistent ones with a stable enough line up. The steady performance is great for start up web developers that want minimal risk in their operations.

    • Live chat available in web site

Live chat is very useful to have in a web site so that potential customers can get instant feedback regarding their hosting inquiries. From pre-sales questions to after-sales issues, having a live chat interface makes the service so much more reachable.

  • Friendly customer support team

What’s Disappointing About Hosting Outpost?

&#10006 Inconsistent performance

There are times that the network speed dips and causes unexpected performance issues. They do not have the fastest available network and the most robust servers to beef up your system but if you only need moderate speed, then this is forgivable.

&#10006 Not much actual user reviews

There’s not much negative reviews about Hosting Outpost. In fact, there are not too many reviews, at all. This makes you think if anyone has ever availed of any of their services.
With the number of forums and chatrooms where people complain about hosting services left and right, it is a bit strange not to see too many comments, positive or negative about Hosting Outpost. It is either they got all the shy users or no one has dared use them at all.

The Bottom Line

They are a pretty good option, though not the best, especially if you do not mind minor fluctuations in performance and speed.