HostGee is one of the more budget-friendly shared hosting providers that target web developers needing hosting space for personal or small business use. In recent years, they have expanded their offerings to include VPS solutions and reseller packages.

The Hosting Package

HostGee has one shared web-hosting package priced at $4.75 per month or $75 for a year. This includes unlimited disk space, MySQL databases, hosted domains, email accounts and bandwidth allowance. They also throw in one free domain for life and a site builder tool to help you speed things along.

They also have reseller packages starting at $24.95 per month with cPanel, unlimited domains and free billing software. VPS packages are at $42.95 per month and are fully managed with premium bandwidth and cPanel included.

What’s Great About HostGee?

    • Unlimited and unmetered package

No doubt about it, the single most catching thing about HostGee is that they have unlimited and unmetered packages that we all know are much more preferred. This means nearly no monitoring time for data consumption and you can instead focus on making your web site work. Although some people do not like unmetered data consumption since this almost always means a slow network for the customers, HostGee is able to maintain a decent speed across all of its customers, so far.

    • 30-day money back guarantee

Aside from the unmetered packages, the 30-day money back guarantee option is a great come on since this minimizes risks on the budget conscious users. 30 days is sufficient time to do speed tests on their network and to see if their solution fits your needs.

    • Free setup

The free set up and installation is a great thing to have since you are assured in this section, you will not have hidden charges. At this age where nobody really reads the Terms and Conditions page, items like this is very much appreciated. Free set up and installation makes your transfer process one step easier and one less thing to worry about.

    • Reseller packages available

Reseller packages are also available. This is excellent for those who not only want to avail of hosting but also wants to make money by reselling the packages. Usually people resell unlimited plans from other hosting providers but with HostGee, there are specially made packages tailored fit to match the needs of a hosting reseller.

What’s Disappointing About HostGee?

&#10006 Linux-only support

Linux is the only operating system supported. Needless to say, this cuts their target market to around less than 25%. While this may not be a huge number for some people, it is still a pity that they cannot address everyone who wants to use their service. For the Windows users, HostGee is just not an option for them.

&#10006 Customer support staff needs improvement

There are not too many negative points against HostGee but their seemingly sore point is their customer support staff. They can do better by training them to answer questions that are about actual usage and issues with the hosting solution. It seems like they are just knowledgeable about the packages offered and the initial set up and installation process but beyond that, it is basically one man for himself when it comes to other network issues.

The Bottom Line

For it’s stable performance and good value for the money, HostGee is a good hosting provider to try out for your web service or application.