Hostek offers web-hosting packages for both Linux and Windows users. They test their solutions with McAfee Anti-virus on a daily basis and take pride on supporting other platforms such as Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Shockwave Flash aside from the usual inclusion of php. They are one of the senior players in the industry, having been around since 1998.

The Hosting Package

Hostek’s line up of packages starts with the Basic package, which costs $5.00 per month or $59.95 yearly. This package gives you 1,000 MB of disk space and 20 GB monthly traffic, plus two MySQL databases. If you want the Unlimited package, be prepared to shell out $7.95 per month or $83.40 per year with unlimited disk space, monthly traffic and domains and MySQL databases. They also have VPS, Reseller and dedicated hosting server packages. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

What’s Great About Hostek?

    • Unlimited Package

One of the best packages around is an unlimited package, which makes it worry-free for the customer. You do not need to think about racking up your bill with your monthly bandwidth activity, nor do you need to worry about the disk space you are taking up as you set up your web service.

    • Reasonable Rates

Hostek has competitive rates, especially with their unlimited package. For less than $10 a month, you can get yourself a pretty good service from a reputable company. Most startup companies choose their first provider by looking at the price tags but at least with Hostek, you get the cheap price tag with the reassurance that you are dealing with an experienced web hosting provider.

    • Good Customer Support and Backup Services

They have experienced customer support staff manning their phones and incoming mail, so you do not feel that you are talking to a 5-year old. Another good feature is that they have live chat support directly on their website, so your inquiries or other issues are easily attended to even if you are just surfing their site.

    • A lot of Package Options

With the multiple packages available, you are bound to get what you need for your own web service. Even if you start with the cheaper packages and you find your service needing more space or a different hosting setup, you can grow your service with Hostek. You can eventually move to a dedicated hosting package or even do some reseller business.

What’s Disappointing About Hostek?

&#10006 Fluctuating Performance

There’s not much negative stuff to be said about Hostek, since they seem to have a good balance of price and quality. There have been reports, although quite rare, of service outages that are unannounced. As with any service offering unlimited packages, there are users who are bound to get a bit greedy with their share of the network and thus affects the overall service performance.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Hostek is a good first choice for a web hosting partner. They have a combination of cheap price, experience (of over ten years) and good network performance. No major complaints are reported and if you want a safe, stable and cheap partner, then go with Hostek.