Host Clear is an Australia-based company that targets mostly starter web sites. They have several packages targeted for the starter users and business users. Unlimited package is also available for those who do not want to worry about counting their storage capacity.

The Hosting Package

The unlimited package starts at $20.00 per month, which comes with unlimited sub domains, MySQL databases, hosted domains and email accounts. They also have cheaper packages starting at $4.00 per month, inclusive of unlimited bandwidth with a free domain. This package is more suited for personal use. Their next package starts at $6.00 per month, which comes with 2 free domains on top of the unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The $10.00 package comes with 3 free domains, unlimited bandwidth and disk space plus some marketing tools to help your business get off the ground.

What’s Great About Host Clear?


  • Any time money back guarantee

Most hosting providers give a 30-day money back guarantee but with Host Clear, they give you an ANY day money back guarantee. This is a big challenge for them to fulfill your needs while you are still a paying customer but so far, this is good encouragement for you to sign up with them.

  • Video tutorials available to help you start your web business

There are lots of reference materials for you to use, especially if you are just starting out in the web-developing scene. Video tutorials are easier means of reference especially when dealing with control panels of the service.

  • Performance fits the expectations

Host Clear’s performance fits the expected outcome based on their prices. They are one of the cheaper packages out there but at the same time, their network speed is good and stability is rarely an issue.

  • Easy to use tools

Their control panel’s user interface is good and user-friendly. The intuitive design in the control panel screens is a rarity these days since most providers do not prioritize this screen at all. The common misconception is that web administrators do not need a handsome page to adjust the controls but for newbie users, sometimes this makes a huge difference.

  • Fast customer service response

The customer support team is fast and responsive, both in phone calls and emails. There is not much to complain about their current pool of technical support agents since they are capable of handling the issues swiftly.

What’s Disappointing About Host Clear?

&#10006 Difficult to cancel an account

It is very difficult to cancel an account, which should be expected if you are employing the any day money back guarantee scheme. The staff will continue to try to upsell and keep you hooked to their service as much as they can. This is expected but at some point, they must also realize that they shouldn’t make the situation more irate by pushing other packages to the customer.

&#10006 Inconsistent performance

There are times that the network speed dips and causes unexpected performance issues. They do not have the fastest available network and the most robust servers to beef up your system but if you only need moderate speed, then this is forgivable.

The Bottom line

With Host Clear, you get the value that you pay for. They are on the cheaper end, but not the cheapest, so you still get a moderately good performance from them.